Razor Scooters

Written by admin on March 2nd, 2010
Scooters have been used for many years, and razor scooters are the newest take on the trend. They have taken scooters to a new level, from their electric to their kick scooters. The inventive build and design of kick scooters have taken the model to unseen levels. Freestyle tricks and ...
Written by admin on April 3rd, 2009
Razor is a popular brand in the scooter world especially for the kids and teenagers. You might ask yourself, “What makes this different from other scooters in the market?” Razor scooters have two categories: the kick and the electric. This review tackles the important points that can help you in ...
Written by admin on October 8th, 2007
It looks like Razor, a California-based importer, is recalling about 20,000 of its E300 electric scooters over concerns the handlebars can break off(Ouch!) according to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission. Consumers can go the website www.razor.com/recall for more info.Powered by ScribeFire.