4 useful advices when buying a motor scooter online

In my previous post where I wrote about where to buy motor scooters online, I received a nice set of advices from the Best Scooters Mileage to have in mind when purchasing a motor scooter. These are her advices

When buying a motor scooter online, make sure ask some really important questions:

  1. Will it be delivered to my home or to a terminal where I have to pick it up?
  2. If it’s coming to my door, will there be a lift gate to get it off the truck?
  3. How much assembly will be required – just a few things like installing the battery or will the whole front wheel need to be assembled.
  4. Make sure it’s insured for the full value with a reputable company because these scooters are often shipped in the crates from the factory which are designed to be moved around only a few times and can be very damaged when handled by the shipping companies who will move it a number of times in transit.

There are more things to be aware of but these are some of the more important ones.