A Glimpse on Motor Scooter Laws

Being a scooter driver doesn’t only mean owning a scooter and driving it. It is more than that. It is being a responsible driver in everywhere you go, and that includes abiding to motor scooter laws and regulations. The problem is that these policies differ from state to state.

First of all, being a responsible driver begets being a bona fide scooter driver. Though motor scooter laws vary, there are some general requirements needed for you to be a legal driver: a scooter license, a scooter registration and a scooter license plate. It is wise to visit the website of your state’s Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to get more information about the process. IT is easy to do, just search for the keyword “(your state) DMV”, then viola!

A bona fide scooter owner requires a scooter driver’s license. Firstly, obtain a motorcycle/scooter student’s permit and then follow the protocol specific for your state. Some states often give written examinations to test your competency in driving. Try to browse your scooter manual as examiners would most likely get their questions from there. Though scooters differ from motorcycles in some aspects, they may also include motorcycles questions in the examination. Pay attention to the specifics as these are the favorite questions in the competency test.

Lastly, have the scooter registered and tagged. There may be some states that don’t require s scooter registration, usually in scooters below 49cc. If your state requires it, do some canvassing in different offices other than where you had your examination. This will help you look for a reasonable price for your registration. Process your registration and after completing the process, you will be receiving your registration papers and your scooter’s plate number.

Motor scooter laws regulate scooter drivers’ conduct in traffic. Ignorance is not an excuse if ever you are caught violating any law.  Just a useful tip: drive your scooter as if it is a car, staying in the middle or in any lane you think is safer and observe the proper distance between other vehicles.