A List of Popular Scooter Insurance Companies

Assorted scooter insurance companies swear to provide you with best insurance cover to secure the future of your dearest scooter. A few universal insurance covers that majority of the insurance companies offer are:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

A few others also offer:

  • Road assistance coverage
  • Medical coverage
  • Custom accessories coverage

First step is to decide which coverage suits you the most. Call an insurance agent to know about them in detail and enquire about the premium value of each. Then choose the coverage that suits your pocket the most. Another decisive step is to buy your insurance plan from a reputed as well as genuine company. This guide will help you get to know about a few prevalent companies. So read vigilantly to enlighten yourself with the information of diverse scooter insurance companies which are as follows:

Allstate Insurance Company:

Allstate is one of the major Insurance agencies in the USA, having its ventures in 49 states. Allstate has been imparting vehicle insurance to more than 17 million family units in the United States. Allstate provides insurance in thirteen varied lines like auto, house, life, business and others. To know more about Allstate log in to their website or call their Insurance agent.


GEICO came into existence in 1936 due to efforts of Leo Goodwin. GEICO insurance was in the beginning developed to be intended for armed forces and government personnel. Leo Goodwin commenced his insurance company with the conviction that he could propose automobile insurance at lesser rates by advertising his company directly to primary consumer groups.  GEICO provides Insurance in case of cars, scooters, home, business, apartment and others.


Progressive is the third largest insurance company in United States with more than 12 million clients. Progressive provides insurance over wide-ranging assets including home, car, motorcycle, scooter and others. This company assists you in all your problems through incredible team of customer care executives.  Progressive has endlessly preferred to remain a step ahead of rivalry, by proposing the commodities clients require at the time when they need it the most. This approach of Progressive has lent a hand in its standing as the leading automobile insurance corporation of the USA.

Safeco Insurance Corporation:

Safeco emerged as an Insurance company in 1923. Safeco works through its widespread network of hard working agents. If you want to enquire about their products and services, call an Insurance agent and clear all your queries. There are many positive reviews of this company.


Esurance is a company which aims at direct contact with the clientele. It came into subsistence in the year 1999. Its foremost dictum is to put up an enhancement in the automobile with which populace purchases and deals with their vehicle insurances. The most important motive of the business was to present trustworthy auto insurance, with a great quality purchaser assistance, by presenting the capability of outstanding claim handling and furthermore lesser automobile insurance prices. There are 22 states, in which Esurance functions: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Mercury Insurance Corporation:

Mercury Insurance works to supply low priced insurance services to all its clients, families as well as production houses. There are diverse characteristics that have given a stand to Mercury Insurance which is to a certain extent distinct from others, such as the lesser prices. There are also numerous quick facilities accessible. The company has an exclusive worth of might and assistance that distinguishes it from its competition.

State Farm Insurance:

State Farm is preferred on the basis of variety of grounds. This company has more than 17000 well aware agents which provide uninterrupted consumer service, a greatly rated client account administration, in vogue advantages such as the iPhone State Farm application and a reliable temperament for buyer concern. There are 40 million policy holders of this company for whom company has to provide high level of assistance. Due to its rapid customer care support, company has gained the trust of its clients and they feel secure and confident when filing a claim in case of any misfortune.

Nationwide Insurance Company:

Nationwide is one of the best insurance providers in United States of America. They provide insurance coverage for cars, scooters, motorcycle, life and a few more.

Among these diverse Insurance companies, you have to choose one that you can trust to feel secure when you drive on your scooter. Think thoroughly, ask family and friends and decide which company provides you the best deal and assistance.