I’m Anton, and I’ve been interested in autos, bikes and all kinds of machines since I’ve been a kid. In the past few years I’ve become interested in motor scooters. Scooters are fun, but with the myriad environmental concerns facing us today, motor scooters have also become, in my mind, an alternative to gas guzzling autos. Of couse no one is going to give up their auto if they don’t have to. But I do believe that a scooter is perfect for the quick runs we all make every day. And, it’s fun to ride one. And on some models, 81 Miles per Gallon. Enough said.

Either way, I hope you like this blog. It’s for current scooter riders and those who don’t own one, but are considering it. Or maybe you just want to learn about motor scooters. It’s all good! Feel free to contact me . Enjoy!