Aprilia Motor Scooters

Before you ask someone why to go for Aprilia scooters, you should know that Aprilia is fourth largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world. Aprilia is an enormous name in scooter market. It is a trustworthy brand which has earned a good reputation by providing outstanding scooters and motorcycles year after year. Countless people all over the world, especially in Europe and USA, drive Aprilia scooters and motorcycles and are completely satisfied with its performance. Aprilia is synonymous with passion, excellence and safety.


From the production of cycles in early years, Aprilia has grown to become second largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles in Europe. Fascination for motor cycles and resilience of Ivano Beggio, president of Aprilia, is the motivation behind the immense accomplishment of the company. Every time, Aprilia has advantageously interpreted craze of the two-wheeler market and manufactured revolutionary products which are proficient in gratifying the necessities and expectancy of customers. The business began in Noale (VE) and has five plants (four in Italy and one in San Marino) and seven overseas branches (five in Europe, one in the USA and one in Brazil). The objective behind all Aprilia scooters and motorcycles is the finer technology and design technique as well as employment of sophisticated equipment to shelter atmosphere from harm. Aprilia fabricates a range of models of scooters and motorcycles to choose from.

Similarity and differences in various models

Various models of Aprilia Scooters available in market are: SR 50, Sportcity 50-125, Sportcity 250, Scarabeo 100, Scarabeo 200 and Scarabeo 500 IE. Of course these models are different from each other at various levels but are similar to a great extent at several grounds too. Each scooter is technologically advanced, stylish and safe. Primary motive of Aprilia is to manufacture products with expertise. Aprilia always makes sure that all the models are appealing to the eyes. Every time Aprilia introduces a new model, it becomes the style icon. Aprilia never compromises with the performance of the vehicle. As expected, all the scooters possess highly developed features, sleek body and safety measures as well. A few models of Aprilia are most apposite these days due to their low fuel consumption. As we know that prices of petrol are escalating, everyone prefers a vehicle with good mileage. SR 50 is an appropriate vehicle for all such people. Moreover, all the scooters are great to look at. Company has put a lot of effort in perfecting the appearance of each model. Many people buy Aprilia scooters due to their image of being style symbols. But Aprilia scooters are not just about looks. They are a comprehensive package of anything and everything you would expect from an excellent scooter. Most models have ample storage space under the seat. Tubeless tires are present in most of the models. These models differ from each other on a few grounds such as engine and modifications in appearance. For instance, engine of SR 50 is two stroke whilst that of Scarabeo is four stroke. Some models differ from each other in fuel injection mechanism as well. Dimensions of wheels and tires also vary in each model. Fuel tank capacity of each model is also different. SR 50 has fuel capacity of 1.85 gals while that of Sportcity 250 is 2.37 gals. To know more in detail about each model, go to the official website of Aprilia and learn in detail about each aspect before you decide which model to purchase.

How to purchase Aprilia scooter

Once you have decided which model you want to purchase, go to the official webpage of Aprilia. Click on ‘dealers’. Choose the state from where you wish to buy your scooter from the drop down options. After you chose the state, you will get list of dealers in that state with their address and contact information. You can contact that dealer to know more about the scooters and finally go to the dealer’s place to purchase scooter of your choice. If you don’t find the name of your state in the drop down, choose the one nearest to your place.

Since many years, Aprilia has been satisfying its clients and making their life easier on road. Whenever Aprilia launches a new model, all wait anxiously to take a look at the new discovery. Aprilia always keeps its promise of providing style, comfort and speed to its customers. Environment friendly equipments are an added advantage. If you take a momentary glance at the Aprilia scooters, you won’t be able to change your mind. Experience and reputation of the company confirms that you will never regret buying an Aprilia scooter.