Scooter Baskets

When you need extra storage space for your scooter, nothing will work better than custom designed scooter baskets. They are made with materials of high quality so that your possessions won’t be exposed to the elements. They will also allow you to carry lots of items at once, which can be hard to do if you buy more at the grocery store than you planned to. If you are tired of small items that fall out of cheaper baskets, select a scooter basket with small mesh or a liner, to keep even your smallest objects safely inside.

Everyone wants to be as organized as they can be, and a scooter basket will keep your items dirt, rain and dust free. You can bring materials from your home that you need to take somewhere, or head out to the mall and not worry about having no place to put the items you might like to buy. You’ll be happy to show off with your friends and family, when they see how many things you can transport in your scooter basket.

Soft tiller baskets usually contain the same storage capacity that a standard scooter basket does, but they give you a top hatch with a zipper, among lots of features to help keep all your items out of view and safely stowed. Some deluxe systems have zippered pouches on the front, and others include inside, side and front mesh packets. Most scooter mount baskets are easily mounted behind or in front of the tiller section. Some may only be designed for either front or back installation.

Scooter baskets are quite handy, and they are quickly installed. If you need more space, especially when you are traveling, a motor scooter basket can be just the ticket to stow items in. Tiller baskets usually mount on the handles of the tiller, which gives you quick access to everything you are taking along. Most scooter storage baskets come with a standard hook and loop closure system, so that the basket won’t swing when your scooter is moving.

You can also purchase basket liners if your current basket allows smaller items to fall between the wires. You can easily slip a liner in your basket and all your items will stay safely inside, without risk of them dropping out. The baskets and liners work for small items as well as larger items. Most liners can be added to the basket you already have on your scooter.

Some scooter type baskets are made with a quick release feature. They may come in two pieces, with a bracket to secure it to your handlebars. They often feature a handle that swings up, for easy carrying, so you can put your groceries away in your kitchen, when you’re finished shopping. The heavy gauge metal wire is welded for safe carrying.

Other types of baskets may be hung on and lifted off, for easier removal when you wish to unload the basket. Metal baskets have a coating that is rust resistant, since they may be exposed to the elements while you are out running errands. These types are easy to put on and take off, yet are still firmly secure when you mount them. You can also purchase rear scooter baskets that have the option of being foldable. These mount easily on a standard rear scooter rack.

Accessorizing Motor Scooters

If you are an owner of one or more motor scooters–or know someone who is–you are probably already well aware that owners of motor scooters share a special relationship with these uniquely charming vehicles. With a fanaticism that almost borders on the obsessive, owners of motor scooters have been known to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, countless hours and immeasurable effort in customizing and accessorizing their babies.

Take a look on the road, or if you are lucky enough to have a club that caters to motor scooters in your area, and you will no doubt be almost blinded by the dazzling displays of craftsmanship and ingenuity that will greet your eyes. All types of attachments, carrying aids, mirrors, rims and so much more, these are all part of what makes the world of motor scooters so colorful and exciting.

Of course many owners of motor scooters prefer to keep things simple, and limit their accessorizing to items that serve to enhance the performance of their vehicles or to aid in their efficiency. There is no reason why you should limit yourself to this however, and the many accessories that are strictly for eye candy attest to this fact.

Scooter Girls

Scooter Girls

The folks at Scooter Swag are featuring the design studio Plexipixel and their amazing swag to be had at AmeriVespa in Seattle this past summer. They report that the above image, and others, are for sale on their website for a mere $25 with just $3.75 shipping. These are pretty cool designs. Being a web designer by trade, I appreciate good design as much as a good motor scooter.