Aprilia Sportcity 250 Scooter Review

Sportcity 250 is a remarkable model among various scooters of Aprilia. It’s a comprehensive sports vehicle with environment friendly machinery. It has 15 inch wheels, which makes Sportcity stand in the faction of high tire scooters. With munificent tires, sporty locomotive and a terrifically firm framework, the Sportcity stands high in market for its capability to merge the luxury of a hefty wheel scooter with the force. The Sportcity has established itself as a frontrunner and has become Aprilia’s preeminent selling scooter. This scooter complies with all the demands of urban transportation. Its elegant design, safety equipment along with high speed ability has outdone various other scooters. Its comprehensive elegant design makes it suitable for anyone to drive. Elegance sets it apart. Whether you are going to work, on a trip or you are a female; Aprilia Sportcity is for everyone. It is versatile. To avoid traffic, driving Sportcity is a bliss. Aprilia Sportcity is not just any means used for commuting; it is dynamic and graceful with most up-to-date equipment, which will rotate all eyes on you on the road.

Engine of Sportcity 250

Most important attribute of the Sportcity 250 is its sophisticated and powerful engine. This four-valve engine with electronic gas inoculation signifies technologically advanced equipment in the league of scooter engines. The engine employs the Sportcity’s forceful managing, and formulates it as a faultless selection in the city as well as on hasty highways.  Meager fuel utilization and a liberal 2.37 gal reservoir bestow the Sportcity with immense self-sufficiency. It consists of a 250 cc four stroke engine. It provides quicker rate of increase of velocity due to its electronic fuel engine. It imparts the entire energy mandatory for a sport outing. You don’t even need to lose sleep over the mileage. It bequeaths a mileage of 61 miles per gallon. How splendid is that?  Sportcity 250’s engine engenders a horsepower of 22.5 at 8000 rpm. It fabricates a torque of 15 ft at 6250 rpm. You can surely pass through the traffic with all eyes on you. Pick up and braking system of Sportcity 250 is mind blowing. It has triple disc brake which offers it an enhanced stoppage in an urgent situation. The powerful engine has given this scooter the tag of ‘best selling’ scooter in the series.


The organization of the scooter makes it exceedingly apt for a sport outing. It has an inflexible tubular steel frame.  Its load provides assistance in harmonizing the scooter even when you are driving at a hasty pace. Its 15 inch wheels make available an enhanced clasp of the road, consequently making your drive effortless and out of harm’s way. You don’t need to stress your brain to go out even when it’s misty outside. Aprilia Sportcity 250 possesses a dual light system. In a foggy weather, these lights will give you full visibility. Like every other model of Aprilia Scooters, Sportcity has employed customary equipments and high quality material. Even more contemporary seat has a non slipping surface. The seat can without any difficulty has room for two people. The seat is placed quite high, making it easy on tall people. Centrifugal clutch is another characteristic of this model.

When compared to SR model

When Sportcity 250 is compared to SR series, a few differences are observed as expected. Engine of SR is two stroke whilst that of Sportcity is four stroke. Liquid cooling of engine takes place in both the scooters. Only unleaded fuel can run Sportcity. Electronic injection of fuel occurs in Sportcity. Both have robust steel framework. Wheels of SR are 13 ‘’ while that of Sportcity are 15’’. SR fuel tank can hold up to 1.85 gals of fuel and that of Sportcity can store 2.37 gals. There is a little difference in brakes and dimensions as well.

When going for a long trip, Sportcity is a great choice. It has huge storage compartment under the seat which can even store an extra helmet along with your belongings. No need to be concerned about battery of your cell phone anymore. Aprilia Sportcity has a power outlet to charge your phone whenever you need. In a long drive, you don’t need to refill the fuel every now and then. Tank capacity is quite good and rate of fuel consumption is also less. Aprilia Sportcity is no less in technology as well. Display gadget is a great proof of that. The style and technology of Aprilia Sportcity is just amazing. You just can’t resist this machine.

Aprilia Motor Scooters

Before you ask someone why to go for Aprilia scooters, you should know that Aprilia is fourth largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world. Aprilia is an enormous name in scooter market. It is a trustworthy brand which has earned a good reputation by providing outstanding scooters and motorcycles year after year. Countless people all over the world, especially in Europe and USA, drive Aprilia scooters and motorcycles and are completely satisfied with its performance. Aprilia is synonymous with passion, excellence and safety.


From the production of cycles in early years, Aprilia has grown to become second largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles in Europe. Fascination for motor cycles and resilience of Ivano Beggio, president of Aprilia, is the motivation behind the immense accomplishment of the company. Every time, Aprilia has advantageously interpreted craze of the two-wheeler market and manufactured revolutionary products which are proficient in gratifying the necessities and expectancy of customers. The business began in Noale (VE) and has five plants (four in Italy and one in San Marino) and seven overseas branches (five in Europe, one in the USA and one in Brazil). The objective behind all Aprilia scooters and motorcycles is the finer technology and design technique as well as employment of sophisticated equipment to shelter atmosphere from harm. Aprilia fabricates a range of models of scooters and motorcycles to choose from.

Similarity and differences in various models

Various models of Aprilia Scooters available in market are: SR 50, Sportcity 50-125, Sportcity 250, Scarabeo 100, Scarabeo 200 and Scarabeo 500 IE. Of course these models are different from each other at various levels but are similar to a great extent at several grounds too. Each scooter is technologically advanced, stylish and safe. Primary motive of Aprilia is to manufacture products with expertise. Aprilia always makes sure that all the models are appealing to the eyes. Every time Aprilia introduces a new model, it becomes the style icon. Aprilia never compromises with the performance of the vehicle. As expected, all the scooters possess highly developed features, sleek body and safety measures as well. A few models of Aprilia are most apposite these days due to their low fuel consumption. As we know that prices of petrol are escalating, everyone prefers a vehicle with good mileage. SR 50 is an appropriate vehicle for all such people. Moreover, all the scooters are great to look at. Company has put a lot of effort in perfecting the appearance of each model. Many people buy Aprilia scooters due to their image of being style symbols. But Aprilia scooters are not just about looks. They are a comprehensive package of anything and everything you would expect from an excellent scooter. Most models have ample storage space under the seat. Tubeless tires are present in most of the models. These models differ from each other on a few grounds such as engine and modifications in appearance. For instance, engine of SR 50 is two stroke whilst that of Scarabeo is four stroke. Some models differ from each other in fuel injection mechanism as well. Dimensions of wheels and tires also vary in each model. Fuel tank capacity of each model is also different. SR 50 has fuel capacity of 1.85 gals while that of Sportcity 250 is 2.37 gals. To know more in detail about each model, go to the official website of Aprilia and learn in detail about each aspect before you decide which model to purchase.

How to purchase Aprilia scooter

Once you have decided which model you want to purchase, go to the official webpage of Aprilia. Click on ‘dealers’. Choose the state from where you wish to buy your scooter from the drop down options. After you chose the state, you will get list of dealers in that state with their address and contact information. You can contact that dealer to know more about the scooters and finally go to the dealer’s place to purchase scooter of your choice. If you don’t find the name of your state in the drop down, choose the one nearest to your place.

Since many years, Aprilia has been satisfying its clients and making their life easier on road. Whenever Aprilia launches a new model, all wait anxiously to take a look at the new discovery. Aprilia always keeps its promise of providing style, comfort and speed to its customers. Environment friendly equipments are an added advantage. If you take a momentary glance at the Aprilia scooters, you won’t be able to change your mind. Experience and reputation of the company confirms that you will never regret buying an Aprilia scooter.

Aprilia SR 50 Scooter Review

SR 50 is the legendary model among Aprilia Scooters. It was first introduced in 1992 and till date more than 800,000 units have been sold. It promises high performance with high competence. Striking appearance, less fuel consumption, amazing power, compact design and super smooth to drive; what more do you need in a scooter? Yes, SR 50 has all these characteristics and a lot more. It’s not called the finest scooter model for no reason. Both, the company and the owners are proud of this wonder vehicle that has made their life a lot easier. Since its introduction, Aprilia has become preferred scooter of two wheeler lovers. Simply to invigorate your remembrance, the SR 50 was the earliest scooter to fit 13” wheels, the foremost with liquid cooling, the first with a double disc braking system, and the first with a direct injection engine. Varnish and equipment of SR 50 is no less than a superbike. If you are looking for a scooter and you come across a SR 50, I am sure you won’t be able to refrain from it.

Engine of SR 50

SR 50 was the first ever scooter to launch Direct injection engine. In a direct injection engine the fuel skips the waiting phase it would have to undergo within a typical engine and in its place continues straight away to the ignition compartment. This permits the fuel to flame further squarely and systematically. A driver will interpret this as better mileage and power of the scooter. Due to its 50 cc engine, it consumes less fuel, an added advantage in this era with escalating fuel rates.


The company has designed SR 50 with a lot of thought in order to perfect its design which has given it an outstanding exterior, inspired from sports models. Aprilia is full of pride of the way they have designed SR 50 with a hardnosed sports aspect, an utterly new-fangled steel skeleton to enhance its stiffness for unsurpassed swiftness. No one can fail to notice the SR’s high-class multi purposeful digital apparatus, paired halogen headlights, switch gear like that of a motorbike which without a doubt gives you an idea about its cutting edge machinery.  The great, comprehensive digital gadget panel endows with readings for velocity, timer, odometer, trip counter, gas level, and coolant temperature along with battery voltage. I bet, if you see this scooter once, you will definitely fall in love with it.

If you are still not convinced, read the following to make up your mind regarding SR 50:

  • Its persuasive, hard-hitting elegance ensures that driver gets all the attention.
  • Highly developed machinery of SR 50 indicates exactitude, rapidity and unmitigated protection.
  • Double disc braking system makes certain instantaneous halts when required to allow out and    out safety.
  • Strong manufacturing to ensure that SR 50 stays with you for a long time.
  • Stipulation for the resistant cable security device to protect your wonder scooter from theft.
  • SR 50 supports the perfect magnitude of a sports scooter, suitable for people of all heights.
  • Desirable apparatus, together with effective 35 watt headlights to guarantee appropriate illumination in dark.

Most recent model in SR series is the SR 50 R factory. It is a dream scooter for all the bike lovers out there. Aprilia has excelled this time as well in expertise with the launch of this hottest model.

It is additionally modish and competent in every aspect. Let me tell you about the engine of this latest introduction by Aprilia. It has a fuel injected locomotive which is power-driven by a Ditech engine. The four stroke 50 cc tube engine is unswerving. Its power is one of the characteristics that you can pride yourself on. An improved squashed air sieve has been employed. The only one of its kind exhaust plan imparts enhanced performance and trims down fuel expenditure. In merely 2 liters you can take a trip in the order of 100 km. The Ditech engine burns up 60% lesser oil when measured up to a carburetor engine. It has an enormous pick up that will make you smile whenever you start it. It right away sets off at all temperatures. One can tour on SR 50 R for extensive distances devoid of tormenting in reference to the fuel. Aprilia SR 50 R has a 7 liter tank so you do not have to face inconvenience concerning replenish incessantly.

Thus, buying an SR 50 model will never be a wrong decision. Go for it and ride it for years with negligible maintenance.

Aprilia Scarabeo 500 Scooter Review

Aprilia is a name synonymous with perfection, technology and Trust. Aprilia keeps on adding new models to its scooter range according to the changing needs of clients and time. Each time Aprilia comes up with a new scooter, all eyes linger apprehensively, because it keeps on getting better and better. Aprilia thought of transforming personality of a motorcycle into a lightweight scooter which will be exciting to drive, comfy as well as safe and sound. For that reason, when Scarabeo 500 was introduced, it was an instant winner. It has grown to be a fashion idol over the years due to it’s just the right blend of standard and contemporary qualities.

Scarabeo 500 design

Company assures that if you take one fleeting look at Scarabeo amongst other scooters in the market, you will unquestionably go with Scarabeo. It is a wonderful combination of traditional and modern finish which makes it undeniable. But again, like all other Aprilia scooters, it’s not just about the looks. Scarabeo 500 is built with hottest expertise and equipment to make available protection and speed. It is equipped with a modifiable windshield. Storage space beneath the seat is largest amongst other scooters. Even if you want to take a short drive or a long trip, Scarabeo is a great choice for both. It has all the technology as in motorcycle but much easier to ride due to lightweight. The sleek design of Scarabeo makes it stand apart in the multitude.

Scarabeo 500 is compact when compared to a motorbike. You can go through the traffic quite easily. With a Scarabeo, days of frustration while standing in traffic, are long gone. Scarabeo makes your life easier without compromising on style and technology. Copious space for you and person along for the ride guarantees an elevated level of ease even on extended rides. Seat height is only 780 mm, and the podium is limited underneath the rider’s legs to facilitate touching of feet steadily on the ground. As you would anticipate from Aprilia, an incredible quantity of struggle has been put into accuracy of even very small aspects. Therefore, Aprilia brags of an unconquerable worth to value quotient.

Engine design of Scarabeo 500

Engine is of 500 cc. It has a single cylinder, four stroke energy plant and liquid cooling mechanism.  Scarabeo 500 has an utmost power of 29 kW at 7500 rpm and a highest torque of 43 Nm at 5500 rpm. Therefore, Scarabeo 500 promises indomitable performance which is correspondent to plentiful multi-cylinder motorbikes. As a matter of fact, remarkable strength along with exceptionally light weight bequeaths the Scarabeo 500 with one of the finest power to weight quotient in the market. Engine is in competence with Euro 3 Standards and thus environmental protection from pollution. A highly developed electronic fuel injection structure allows less burning up of fuel. It releases smooth power continuously, escalating comfort and providing a sense of contentment while driving. The engine is also equipped with a vibrant balancing bar to trim down vibrations even further. Low consumption of fuel and large tank capacity make Scarabeo appropriate for long trips.

The structure and suspension are intended to let you formulate complete utilization of the munificent functioning of the 500 cc engine. The most important intention of the Aprilia design squad all through the Scarabeo 500 project was to attain highest comfort with utmost contentment for the rider. Their hard work resulted in a scooter with big-bike load allocation, proficient in astounding quickness and high velocity stability for which every Aprilia scooters are well-known. Scarabeo 500 is a genuine enjoyment to ride, not just for the reason that it is an incomparable style symbol, its hi-tech machinery gives a delight to the rider even when he is driving just from home to work. The extremely firm and competent framework makes certain that Scarabeo 500 stays absolutely steady even at high pace. Hefty diameter wheels with tubeless motorbike tires offer outstanding comfort and power in addition to impeccable road holding. The broad shaped tires also support the suspension in engrossing the unevenness of bumpy road surface along with ensuring extremely safe braking system. And effective brakes are undeniably one of the persuasive points of Scarabeo 500. The fundamental braking system is constantly controlling, protected and unproblematic to manage, no matter what the road circumstances.

Therefore free your mind of all the queries regarding Scarabeo 500. It is ultra modern and stylish to look at, built from latest technology and tools and above all, you can trust the name Aprilia.

Aprilia Scooters

Aprilia is an incredibly prevalent and leading brand of scooters in Europe. From the production of cycles in early years, Aprilia has grown to become second largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles in Europe. Obsession for motor cycles and fortitude of Ivano Beggio, president of Aprilia, is the truth behind the immense success of the company. Aprilia has every time lucratively construed craze of the two-wheeler market and manufactured pioneering products which are capable in fulfilling the requirements and anticipations of customers. The business is established in Noale (VE) and has five plants (four in Italy and one in San Marino) and seven overseas branches (five in Europe, one in the USA and one in Brazil). The intention behind all Aprilia scooters and motorcycles is the superior machinery and design technique as well as utilization of sophisticated machinery to protect environment from harm. Aprilia produces a variety of models of scooters and motorcycles.

SR 50

SR 50 is a very popular model among Aprilia racing scooters. It gives an impression of style along with the safety for the driver. It was the very first model to support liquid cooling, which means water is used to conduct heat in the engine rather than merely air in the majority of other scooter models. SR 50 was the foremost model of a scooter with double disc braking system and direct injection engine. Direct injection engine results in the less fuel consumption and thus better mileage.


Sportcity is a successful model which offers safety and fun at a very economical price.  The squashed yet defensive front shield, munificent seat, commuter grasp handles and flat stage, all are designed in a way to maximize the space. These designs to increase the space also include ample under seat storage, enough for a full face helmet. Compressed size, relaxation and expediency; these features have always been highlight for Sportcity range. Marvelously swift, the Sportcity 50 and 125 are the absolute answers to traffic regardless of their capaciousness and comfort. Flat stage also makes available sufficient room for massive stuff. Progressive and environmental friendly four stroke engines make Sportcity 50 and Sportcity 125 easy to ride  in traffic as well as protected and comfy. Thanks to sophisticated plan and mega ignition, these engines are active, untainted running, and astoundingly easy on the pocket to drive. Uncomplicated plan means stoutness and steadfastness in addition.


The Aprilia Sportcity 250 is prepared to comply with all potential requirements in advanced cities. Enhanced appearance is extremely pleasing to the eyes. The latest Sportcity features a pattern enthused by vitality and superior machinery. Its remarkable distinctiveness puts together it as just the right choice for riders looking for a comfy, secure and high-speed scooter that can get effortlessly through traffic and necessitate bare minimum operation expenses.  The Sportcity 250 functions sound as a standard range commuter, presenting an additional worldwide mobility resolution. The Sportcity 250 austerely cannot be demarcated as a sheer “transportation”.  Modishness has always been one of the Sportcity’s sturdy spots.


Scarabeo belongs to a tremendously endearing line of Aprilia scooters. It is a flawless blend of conventional and modern design. It is a very easy to drive scooter. Riders of Scarabeo 100 don’t feel like switching to another model or brand. They are completely satisfied with its performance. The Scarabeo 100 engine is a flat solo cylinder, 96.2 cc four strokes with enforced air cooling and a two valve head. It’s power yield is in the range of 8 HP, which offers fuel expenditure figures comparable to those of a 50cc with functioning just like that of a 125cc engine. This is an added advantage in today’s times with escalating price of fuel every now and then.  If you yearn for a scooter with excellent performance and superb mileage, go for Scarabeo 100.


Distinguishing stylishness, extraordinary comfort, along with highly developed functioning and protection; Scarabeo 200 is a comprehensive scooter. Due to its uniqueness, Scarabeo is a trend setter. The engine of Scarabeo 200 is entirely new which increases its performance with relatively low fuel consumption. Scarabeo 200 yields power of whopping 19 HP.  The model is environment friendly as it includes a catalytic convertor to emit cleaner exhaustive gases. Moreover, the design provides more legroom and space for heavy objects.


Scarabeo is a name that you can trust blindly for performance. Just like other models of this league, Scarabeo 500 is a perfect blend of modern and traditional design. The 500 cc engine is a solo cylinder, liquid cooled, four strokes energy unit with a solitary overhead cam and a four valve head. With a power of 29 kW, Scarabeo 500 gives an unbeatable performance.

Aprilia has introduced various models each with unique characteristics to suit needs of each and all.