Vespa Scooters

Vespa scooters are made in Italy by a company named Piaggio. They started out with one single model, and now they offer a full line of scooters. Piaggio owns seven companies now, and they are the largest European manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles. They rank fourth in the world in sales, by their number of units sold. From the start, the Vespa motor scooter has been recognized for its steel unibody construction, and it combines a full engine cowling with a protective flat floorboard and superior wind protection.

Vespa scooter design drew its inspiration from the Cushman scooters made before World War II. These scooters were olive green in color, and ordered by Washington, DC as a type of field transport for Marines. They were used to get around destroyed bridges and roads in World War II. They designed the vehicle that defined the post-war scooter, easy to drive for women and men alike, and also able to carry an additional person.

This designer created a revolutionary type of vehicle. The front shield helped to keep the rider clean and dry, as compared to motorcycles’ open front ends. The design of the leg area makes it comfortable for men and women both, since women found it difficult to ride a motorcycle in a skirt or dress. The fork in the front allows for easy changing of the wheel. Vespa scooters have an internal transmission that eliminates the need for a chain like a motorcycle has. Various features were designed on the same frame, which allows newer models to make it into production sooner. The basic design of the Vespa scooter allows various features to be found on the same frame.

The original Vespa motor scooter had a rear pillion seat for storage or a passenger. The fuel cap was found under the hinged seat, saving the cost of a fuel cap lock. This scooter used rear suspension and small wheels to give the rider plenty of leg room. The engine acted on the rear drive wheel directly, utilizing a three-speed transmission. The modern Vespa scooter is still cooled with air that is pushed over the cooling fins. The original mixture of oil in the fuel made for a lot of smoke, however, and the engine sounded suspiciously like a wasp – which was appropriate, since Vespa means “wasp” in Italian and Latin.

After the patent for the Vespa was filed in 1946, the company was on its way. The first thirteen scooters were released for review in the Spring of 1946, and they had the look that showed their aeronautical-inspired technology. The company planned to manufacture their scooter in mass quantities, and they had an efficient production line. Road tests proved to be encouraging, and the scooters were more comfortable and easier to maneuver than the traditional motorcycles.

In the 1990’s, crisis had descended on Vespa, and their scooters were only selling slowly. They needed a new model, and the ET model that resulted stayed true to the wasp design. The new models were lighter and more aerodynamic, and were a success in Europe and North America as well. By the 50th anniversary of the company, more than fifteen million Vespa scooters had been sold, around the world.

Vespa Motor Scooter Benefits

If you are in your teens now while you are reading this, Vespa motor scooters could be a new thing to you. Vespa motor scooter is one of the oldest names in the world of scooter industry. The long years of Vespa motor scooter in the industry is a proof of how excellent its quality and performance are. That is why it is still demanded until today. Models of Vespa motor scooter range from 50cc- 200 cc. 

Motor scooters were made traditionally for cute running. Although Vespa motor scooter has models like that, they concentrated more on motor scooters that can run faster. A Vespa motor scooter with 200 cc is considered as one of the most powerful model. It can survive any traffic with its four valve engine, liquid cooled, four- stroke engine. Another great thing about Vespa motor scooter is that it emits low quantity of pollution so you are sure to be labeled as environment- friendly individual. Some models of the Vespas have large room for storage. It can contain two helmets and there is a glove compartment where any extras can be stored. Other models which are not as powerful as the other models are good for commuting and they are gas savers.  

The general characteristics of this scooters are its flat floorboard for foot protection and the pressed steel unibody. The front fairing of the scooter gives wind protection, thus making it as a stable unit. All of the durable and charming characteristics of Vespa motor scooters make it a popular choice for all walks of life.

It Is Hard Not to Love Motorized Scooters

 Vespa Motorized Scooter

It is really noticeable that motorized scooters are becoming more and more popular these days. And why not, when these tiny vehicles are big on savings and big on efficiency.

Vespa has been one of the most respected manufacturers of motorized scooters for half a century now. In fact, the brand has become synonymous to the vehicle. The designs are slick and stylish. The working condition? Perfect and reliable! The prices of their models are also very reasonable. Take for example Vespa’s Grand Turismo Motor Scooter. It is modern, fast and comfortable, it almost seems like the one you can see from a popular videogame. If you are environment-conscious, then you do not have to worry that you will contribute to the air pollution by riding this motorized scooter as this Grand Turismo has passed with flying colors the standards that the US and Europe set for vehicles.

Another Vespa motorized scooter that has been making waves recently is the LX Motor Scooter. This throwback to the original Vespas produced in the 1946 has been made more stylish and more functional. Add to that its being environmental-friendly. It may be a little slow during the start up, but it more than makes up with its reliability and value for money. I am sure that the old Vespas are proud of this new batch.

The GTV motorized scooter is another Vespa classic with a twist. Just released this year, it has already earned numerous fans because of its conspicuous appeal. These people become bigger fans once they realize that the GTV is more comfortable and more detailed than its predecessor that was released 40 years ago. Truly, an icon has been made more iconic.

Vespa Motor Scooters For Beginners

Vespa has been synonymous with motor scooters almost ever since the first vehicles of this type hit the road. There are numerous good reasons for this of course, and the excellence and care that the company puts into every aspect of their operations is only one of them. Ask any true blue owners of motor scooters and they will gladly tell you of the quality and precision that is the earmark of every Vespa motor scooter.

Vespa actually has its roots in the Piaggio company in Italy, which has a long and proud tradition of producing fine motor vehicles dating back almost 120 years. Founded in Genoa, Italy in 1884, Piaggio first made its mark in the field of luxury ship fittings. The company grew quickly from there, and was soon making a name for itself in the road transportation industry.

Today, Vespa produces more than 16 million motor scooters, and every single one that rolls off its production proudly carries on the respected Vespa tradition. It is safe to say that lovers of motor scooters will continue to see new and exciting innovations from the company well into the future. One thing is for certain–Vespa motor scooters will continue to be seen on the road for a good long time.

Vespa 30th Anniversary PX

Vespa PX 30th Anniversary

Vespa will be releasing the last 1,000 Vespa PXs. 2007 is the 30th anniversary, 1977 to 2007, with over 3 million of these beauties sold.

Here’s are the stats from The Scooter Scoop: 25cc 2-strokes, white, lots of accessories (rear rack, chrome hub caps, white wall tires, windshield, numbered traveling case),price is $5,665.00 and they will be available in Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK and that’s it. Sorry folks, none will be sold in the USA.

Also, check out The Scooter Scoop’s coverage of P.E.A.C.E Scooter ride, and CNN Video of Peace activist Alix Bryan.


According to Vespa, if Americans were to utilize one of the latest eco-friendly Vespa motor scooters, for 10% of everyday travel, national fuel consumption would be cut by 14 million gallons of gas a day. Hey, and they are fun to drive too! Much more fun than a mini-van. That’s their basis of Vespanomics.

Now you can submit a video about Vespanomics and win a Vespa GTS. Check out the below video. Something tells me this dude is gonna win.

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