Yamaha C3 Scooter Review

The evolution of vehicles from a simple bicycle to a luxurious 4-wheel-drive has gone a long way. Nowadays, people from all over the world are patronizing the coolest invention from its generation that helps them travel from short to long distances in a more convenient and traffic friendly way through a motorcycle.

Developing countries in Asia such as Malaysia , Thailand and the Philippines are just few among those having a significant number of motorcycles roaring along the roads. These can either be a private service, leisure, or a public transportation.

Popularly known as scooter, this two-wheeled vehicle has evolved from a manually pedaled rotary machine we all know as bicycle and continuously grow better as technology advances. Several manufacturers of motorcycles were born and the battle for the high-tech design heightens.

Yamaha motors, the leading manufacturer from Japan developed countless cool vehicles from the past years and counting. One of its latest creations is the 2010 C3 which was first introduced in 2007, weighing only 198 lb and has a displacement of 49 cc.

This toy comes with a trendy “box” design that somehow accentuates a cubic space that is why it is called C3 while stressing function and simplicity. The C3 can take you a long way on a single 1.2-gallon tank of gas. It’s fuel efficiency would surely give you a bunch of savings already. It has a completely modern running gear that includes a fuel-injected engine, making it very economical to operate. The liquid-cooled three-valve, four-stroke engine is very powerful and quiet, not to mention low-maintenance. It gives an ultimate ease of operation with its pushbutton electric starter with backup kickstarter. Another pro for this is the air-induction system and exhaust catalyst technology that reduce air pollution.

Below is a more detailed specification that is essential for you to love this scoot.

The parts and body dimension are:

Length   73.0 in
Width     27.0 in
Height    41.1 in
Seat Height           28.9 in
Wheelbase            50.4 in
Ground Clearance                4.5 in
Fuel Capacity        1.2 gal
Fuel Economy       115 mpg
Dry Weight           198 lb

The engine specification as follows:

Type –    49cc liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke single; 3-valves
Bore x Stroke –      38.0mm x 43.5mm
Compression Ratio –            12.0:1
Fuel Delivery –      Electronic fuel injection
Ignition –                TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission –      Constantly variable automatic
Final Drive –          V-belt

The Chassis:

Suspension / Front –            Telescopic fork, 2.3-in travel
Suspension / Rear –             Unit swing, 2.2-in travel
Brakes / Front – 110mm drum
Brakes / Rear –      110mm drum
Tires / Front –        120/90-10
Tires / Rear –         120/90-10

Each motorcycle unit usually comes with a 1-year limited Factory Warranty.

Yamaha Majesty Scooter Review

One of the perennial problems that a crowded city is experiencing and most probably every urban country is facing is the traffic. Anywhere you go, you will surely be caught in between piles of cars like you can only see those few in front of you but you won’t be able to see the entire scene from end to end. In situations like this, various innovations were introduced to the public: there is the metro rail train in the Philippines , cable cars in Singapore , and a lot more. But since these types of public transportation are limited to a fixed route and destination only, you might as well want to try another option – the motorcycle.

Indeed, the trains and cable cars can lead you to your destination in a short time; the inability to go to other places not in the route has to be considered whether you are heading short or long distances. The motorcycle or popularly known as scoots or scooters give you the best option if you would like to travel fast and keep you away from the city traffic, guaranteed. You don’t have to tag along with huge 4-wheeled vehicle anymore as you can by pass every car as long as there is sufficient space on the road for you to cross during traffic.

There are several manufacturers that continuously develop high-end motorcycles for those scoots enthusiasts even for those who just need it for everyday use. One of the leaders in the industry – Yamaha, has showcased evidently large number of high-end motorcycles from the past years. Recent addition to their feat is the 2010 Yamaha Majesty. This High-tech transportation unit defies the boundaries between comfort and style with its four-stroke engine and fully automatic transmission which means hit the start button and go. It is even powerful to run at highway speeds having enough space for two and has plenty of storage space for tools and personal belongings. Drool over its big, 14-inch front and 13-inch rear tires with its stylish cast wheels that look great and gives you excellent handling and traction along with superb bump absorption. Safety is the word for its 267mm hydraulic front and rear disc brakes that provide powerful, controllable stops with a convenient left handlebar-mounted parking brake lever. With its 3.7-gallon fuel capacity tank, you can reach about 85 mile-range (50 mpg*). Below is a detailed matrix of specification to help you decide in owning one.

Type-                           395cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke single; DOHC, 4 valves
Bore x Stroke-             83.0mm x 73.0mm
Compression Ratio-      10.6:1
Fuel Delivery-               Electronic fuel injection
Ignition-                        Digital TCI; Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission-               Centrifugal clutch; double-cog V-belt auto
Final Drive-                  V-belt

Suspension / Front-      Telescopic fork; 4.7-in travel
Suspension / Rear-       Twin shock; 4.0-in travel
Brakes / Front-             267mm disc
Brakes / Rear-              267mm disc
Tires / Front-                120/80-14
Tires / Rear-                 150/70-13

Length-                                    87.8 in
Width-                                     30.7 in
Height-                         54.3 in
Seat Height-                 30.0 in
Wheelbase-                  61.6 in
Ground Clearance        4.7 in
Fuel Capacity-              3.7 gal
Fuel Economy**-                     50 mpg
Wet Weight***-                      467 lb

Lastly, the unit comes with a 1 year Warranty (Limited Factory Warranty)

Yamaha Vino Scooter Review

The trend in the motorcycle industry has come a long way from a simple machine operated bicycles to a gorgeous, sophisticated and mouth-watering designs available in the market today. Year after year, motorcycle companies such as Yamaha continuously develop new and innovative products that will surely give their customers the satisfaction they are looking for.

Year 2010 is a breakthrough for Yamaha where it launches various models of scooters and motorcycle having a remarkably unique designs ranging from small scoots to big bikes. As part of the latest portfolio, for this year, the 2010 Yamaha Vino showcases classic design and elegant finishing. This scoot is designed just for single person, however it is large enough to lift at most two passengers including the driver, having a measurement of (Length x Width x Height) 65.6 X 24.8 X 39.6 inches, by a 28.1 in seat height giving you stress-free and relaxed driving experience with a friend. It has a wheelbase of 45.7 in and a ground clearance of 3.3 in. Mileage is not a worry with its 1.2 gal fuel capacity with a fuel economy of 110mpg you’ll surely get to travel longer distances. The 4-stroke single 49cc liquid-cooled engine gives value to your money. It has a dependable electric starting and kick-start system so you won’t have to be upset anymore with the old-school engine starting capability. The fully automatic V-belt transmission gives you easy twist-and-go operation.

Being a classic retro style doesn’t mean that it’s technology sucks, in fact, this “straight from the movie” scoot meets modern Yamaha engineering giving you a worry-free and outstanding operation. If you often go shopping, its spacious locking storage compartment is perfect as well as for those backpackers. The under-seat storage can hold other items such as an extra helmet in case you find a friend on the road and decided to tag along with you. Tools and documents can also be stored in the compartment with the assurance that it won’t get wet even when the rain falls hard over it. The paint provides quality that will surely last for a long time. It may fade, but you only need to think about it in the next 5 years or so. The headlights look very old-fashioned yet elegant that best fit its classic over-all design and will surely make everyone jealous or head-turns. It usually comes with a 1-year limited factory warranty for your peace of mind.

Its cuteness does not end on the appearance alone, for as soon as you laid your hands on it and kick on the engine, you will surely experience an extreme satisfaction and worth for your money.

Yamaha Zuma Scooter Review

With the wide range of motorcycle designs and features, it is indeed a bit of a hard time picking for what the best among the top-of-the-line is, considering the following important items: Price, Fuel efficiency, engine, style, and comfort. Among these particulars, the question of which model will suffice your satisfaction gives only another set of question asking for the same thing over and over that would only stop once you settle and buy the one you think you wanted. If you are one of the many consumers who don’t know how to choose a good motorcycle, consider this latest model from Yamaha that I will put in to review.

The 2010 Yamaha Zuma 125 is a combination of fun and practicality for those motorcycle enthusiasts. With its unique design, you’ll surely be a head-turner once you fire on the engine and conquer the road. With its exposed steel-tube frame and big classic headlights, Zuma has broken the bounds of common styling cues among others. This headlight system features dual bulb with housings that is mounted on top of the apron for a greater visibility especially at night and gives you a sporty finish. Because it is small, Zuma can be parked easily with either a kickstand or a center-stand. It is lightweight with plastic body material and steel frame that can accommodate up to two persons. The fully automatic transmission and electric push-button button starter makes it more convenient for the driver to start the engine and go in an instant. And if you are worried once the battery dies, there is a backup kick-starter that will save your day.

Zuma is equipped with a 125cc forced air-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder engine that gives you powerful and smooth driving at all times. Its reed-valve induction will provide you with an excellent throttle response and power delivery just like those on the top-of-the-line. The fuel capacity is 1.5 gal which is enough for you to travel long distances in a full tank. Exclusive autolube oil injection system answers your problem over messy and hassle premixing of fuel and oil, and with its easy to read indicator light found on the instrument pane, you will always be alerted when oil level gets low. During winter or rainy season, the automatic choke makes cold starting a breeze.

Measuring a length of just 74.4 in, width of 27.8 in, and a height of 43.7, this compact model is all you ever wanted for a motorcycle. Seat height is 30.1 in, which is also perfect for short people. A ground clearance of 4.7 in ensures that the bottom portion of the body wont bump into small uneven roads or humps on the road. The wheels measure 50.2 in and have a 155mm break disc.

The over-all specification of Yamaha Zuma is ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts and even for office-working individuals. It is lightweight, stylistic, fuel friendly, and most of all, it is manufactured by the world-known Yamaha and comes with a 1 year limited factory warranty for your peace of mind.

Yamaha’s Motor Scooter Launches in 2009

Yamaha’s two biggest launches this year have been the Yamaha Zuma 125 and the Yamaha TMAX. They have come up with some really innovative and new designs for both of these models. Let’s take a closer look at each of these models.

  • Yamaha Zuma 125

Yamaha’s new Zuma 125 cc motor scooter is out. This four stroke engine, fully automatic motor scooter comes with an electric push button starter. The Zuma has a classy look and is also extremely fuel efficient. Yamaha estimates that this vehicle will provide 88 mpg and the fuel tanks capacity is 1.5 gallons.

The Zuma is not only stylish but is also extremely tough. It is made with a powerful steel frame that comes with brush guards added on the handle bars. The sturdy 12 inch tires provide immense stability and add to the overall looks of the Zuma.

The 125 cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine surprises everyone with the amount of power it generates compared to its small size. Yamaha uses wet-sump lubrication which increases reliability and makes maintenance easier. Another nice addition to get rid of grimy oil filters is the centrifugal oil filter that has been built into the crankshaft.

Other key features of the Zuma are the two bright halogen headlights that light the roads during the night time. Additional security is provided by Yamaha on the Zuma by adding a keyhole lock cover on the main switch. The underseat compartment has a large capacity and can easily fit a helmet and other things.

This Yamaha scooter costs $ 2,999.

  • Yamaha TMAX

The Yamaha TMAX pushes the boundaries of scooters and almost looks like a scooter-motorbike fusion. It comes with high power performance engine along with comfort and luxury.

The TMAX is powered by a 499 cc parallel twin engine which sounds like a superbike’s engine. In addition to these potent twin engines it has 43 mm telescopic forks, dual clippers and four-piston front brakes that mean serious business and are one of the best disc brake systems in today’s market.

The scooter’s chassis is made with low weight aluminum to allow better control and it has two 15 inch wheels that provide immaculate stability while riding.

With the amount of power this Yamaha scooter will generate it is not surprising that it is not the most fuel efficient vehicle around. The TMAX is expected to run 47 miles per gallon. The tank capacity is 4 gallons. This allows the rider to 188 miles of non-stop pleasure riding on this scooter-bike hybrid.

The design allows ample space for storage in its two glove boxes and a big saddle, which discloses abundant under seat storage. The motorcycle resemblance comes from large headlights, full-size gauges and a tall windshield. This Yamaha TMAX model is available in four colors – extreme yellow, high tech silver, stealth metal and midnight black.

Overall, this model is way ahead of any of its competitors with its style, power and features that have been pioneered by Yamaha.

This Yamaha scooter costs $ 7,999.

2008 Yamaha Vino Classic

Yamaha Vino Classic 2008
The 2008 Yamaha Vino Classic looks just as cool as ever. Again, combining Euro styling with the Yamaha technology, this baby is quite the attention getter. From the Yamaha website: It has a  Four-stroke engine to provide for more power and fewer emissions, electric starting with kickstart option, fully automatic V-belt transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation, high-energy ignition system for precise, high-voltage spark for seamless engine performance and reliability and automatic choke which makes cold starting easier.

I also like the Underseat storage compartment for a helmet and the rear rack for  schoolbooks or groceries. Starting at $1,949.