Cheap Mopeds

Aside from being practical choices to travel in the city especially during heavy traffic, cheap mopeds are very popular because you can get one for a very affordable price. And with difficult times such as this, who will not like a bargain?

If you are a girl that does not mind looking both cute and tough on street, but minds the cost of the things you buy, then the 50cc Moped (50QT-6) Street Legal Scooter may just be the product for you. This cheap moped comes in a very feminine pink color and retails at $899. Other models appear in colors red, blue, orange, and black. With a speed of 50 miles per hour, you will surely have no trouble making your way around small alleys as you go to your destination.

You will be amazed with the red metallic furnish of the 50cc Scooter (Venice 50) Street Legal Moped. It is a cool ride that you can drive in the streets of Venice, Italy or in Los Angeles, California, and you will still get the attention of many people. It has a speed of 40 mph and can load up to 225 lbs. But you will be more amazed once you know that you can get this ride for only $950.

If you want to get that James Bond feel, but you are on a budget, well you do not have to purchase a spanking BMW. You can get your own 150cc Moped Scooter (ITA 150) (VOG 150) Fully Auto and still get the girls swooning. An average BMW may cost you $50,000 dollars. But this cheap moped that can go for 85 mph retails for only $1,399.