Chinese Scooters

If prices have pulled you from the scooter market, you might want to take a look at Chinese scooters. You can buy them from many dealers online. These types usually fall into three separate classes, which are based on their engine displacement. These three classes are 50, 150 and 250cc.

A 50cc scooter is fine for short trips and errands to the supermarket and the like. Their top speed is generally 30 or 35 miles per hour. They work the most easily on roads that are level and smooth. If you’re going to be headed uphill, your speed will slow down, which could hinder the traffic behind you.

The most popular Chinese scooter is the 150cc model. Most of these scooters use a motor that was copied from the engine that Honda used in the 1980’s in their scooters. This size engine will give you a top speed of 50-60 miles per hour. You shouldn’t have trouble keeping up with the flow of traffic in a 150cc, although steep inclines may still slow you down a bit.

The 250cc is the largest of the motors available on a Chinese scooter. Many of these use an engine that is water-cooled. Speeds can reach 65-70 miles per hour. If you’ll be going any highway driving at all, you will need the 250cc.

When you are ready to purchase your scooter, you can either find a dealer locally or buy online. If you have a dealer in your area, look at the Chinese scooters they have for sale. If you can buy locally, you’ll get a fully-assembled model, and you can even ride it before you buy. It will also be easier to register your scooter if you buy it locally. If you don’t have dealers where you live, you’ll probably have to buy your scooter online. You’ll want to do your research first, so you don’t end up being ripped off.

Lots of online dealers of scooters are drop-shippers. All this means to you is that when you buy from them, the scooter will actually be shipped from the factory or a wholesale dealer. So the dealer might not even see the scooter at all. If you want to find out if your seller is a drop-shipper, Google them and do a map search of their street address. If the address listed is in a residential area, they are probably drop-shippers. There’s nothing inherently wrong in buying a scooter from a drop-shipper, just so you know. If your potential dealer only has a Post Office Box for a business address, don’t deal with them.

Google your dealer’s name, adding the words “rip off”, “scam”, “complaints” to your search. This will bring up any complaints people have had with this dealer. Watch the shipping charges you might ring up ordering online. They may be included in the price of the scooter you’re looking at, but don’t assume that shipping is included, if the ad doesn’t say that. Chinese scooters sold in the U.S. should ship for about $275 or less, if they are shipped by truck.