Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review

With the trend of fashion and cool driving, here’s a treat for you: the 2009 Honda Metropolitan Scooter. With its features, you’ll surely love this scooter on every bit of it. Let’s take a look at what this new product has to offer.

Let’s face it, more often than not people firstly fall in love with aesthetic looks. Specifications are only secondary for the lay people. For scooter lovers, specifications are way more important than the outside appearance. The 2009 Honda Metropolitan Scooter suffices the needs of the lay people and the cravings of scooter lovers. With the combination of fashionable and efficient functionalities, you cannot go wrong with this scooter. It offers two new colors: Ghost and Graphite, adding up to the colors Ocean and Monza.

Let’s go into the deeper details of this scooter. The 2009 Metropolitan Scooter has a 49cc displacement and a 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, which makes it simple and compact and gives just the right amount of fun and efficiency for in-town driving. Though it can only accommodate 1.32 gallons of gas, it is really economical and efficient for in-town driving. It is liquid-cooled, which I think is really fitted for this scooter. It helps the engine to work at lower temperatures. It also has a carburetion of 18mm Constant-Velocity (CV) with automatic choke and a CD Ignition system that needs little or no maintenance at all. It utilizes its engine’s brushless alternator, which is also maintenance-free, for starting your scoot. This feature also helps in the reduction of the scooter’s weight, and therefore having an economical fuel usage.

Now, for the attractive features of Honda Metropolitan 2009 model, I think of it is its automaticity. It offers an automatic V-matic belt drive for great acceleration. It eliminates the need for shifting and the hassles of manual transmission. Just ride the scooter, turn it on and then off you go! It allows speed of up to 40 mph and gives a mileage of 80 MPG.

Another edge is its brake system. It has a Combined Braking System (CBS) located at its rear. It helps in control slowing or stopping by adding the front brakes. It also has a larger storage compartment where you can place your helmet, books, gadgets, etc. Another good thing is that it has anti-theft features. It provides a trunk release switch key-operated ignition lock to provide security of your belongings in your storage compartment. It also has a steering lock system and a kickstand lock system that makes it free from theft.

Well, there are only few minor drawbacks from Honda Metropolitan 2009 model. Since it is lightweight and small, larger people may have a hard time fitting in and driving off with this scoot. Also, it can only accommodate 2 passengers (unlike other scooters which can accommodate 3 passengers at most) relative to your body size.

Overall, the 2009 Honda Metropolitan gives us a taste of fashion, efficiency and practicality to upgrade your whole scooter driving experience to a new level.