Honda Ruckus Scooter Review


2011 Honda Ruckus comes with a power, efficiency and attitude you cannot ignore. This scooter is gaining popularity as it offers innovations and style. It comes with different colors like orange/black and black. Its price is still to be announced. Let’s take a peak on this new scoot.

The Inside:

Quipped with a 49cc displacement, one-cylinder, four-stroke engine, 2011 Honda Ruckus is best used for in-town driving. It is liquid-cooled, which is good because having air-cooled cooling system sometimes gives off more heat that it makes a comfort issue as it tends to get hot in between their thighs. So, the liquid-cooled cooling system is way better. As with the current trend in the modern scooter market, 2011 Honda Ruckus has a Capacitor Discharge (CD) Ignition system. It is quite an advantage since it is quicker to charge a capacitor. In lieu to this, it also has a 15mm Constant-Velocity (CV) with automatic choke that is best for its internal combustion engine.  Looking at its suspension, 2011 Honda Ruckus comes with a twin-down tube fork front suspension with a 2.2 inches travel. On its rear, a single shock with a 2.6 travel. This scooter passed the Carb and EPA standards.

The Driving Experience:

2011 Honda Ruckus gives you an Automatic V-matic belt drive, which eliminates the need for shifting. You can enjoy driving smoothly without the need to shift gears, and having this belt drive will give you a good support along the way. Packed with a 1.3 gallons for fuel, this scooter is way economical than other scooters. You don’t have to stop at every gasoline stations just for a refill.
Another good thing I see in this scooter is that it automatically turns off the engine three seconds after stopping. This I think is really economical and fuel-thrifty. You can also adjust the seats to whatever will make you comfortable. The seat height is 28.9 inches that is really average of any body size: not too high and not too low. It also has a storage compartment under your seat that is spacious for your belongings and helmet.

Its tires are 120/90-10 at the front and 130/90-10 at its rear. This is good because it offers a good grip on the road especially when driving on a rough pavement. And also let’s not forget the dual headlights, yeah!


There are only few drawbacks in 2011 Honda Ruckus. First is its CD ignition system. It only produces a short-duration spark and therefore needs multiple strikes to make the spark duration longer.

Another thing is the braking system. Drum brakes stops the rotation of the wheels by pressing on a brake lever. Well, for me this is an old-school braking system. There are lots of other brands who are now utilizing discs as their braking system, and they are at least more modern. Moreover, if often causes lock-ups. On the brighter side, this braking system is advantageous at some point as it can be used as a parking brake.


All in all, 2011 Honda Ruckus gives us the real driving experience quipped with power, grip efficiency, along with style and attitude.