Honda Silver Wing Scooter Review

If you want to own the road, then this is the scooter for you: the 2010 Honda Silver Wing. With its high-speed acceleration, conquering the road is an easy thing. Breezing through the roads, this scooter is made for your cravings in a long-sustaining high-speed journey.

The Inside:

Built with a 582cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine, this new scoot is surely a powerhouse. Combined with its Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) with automatic enricher circuit and four-hole injectors, it efficiently increases available fuel energy. These results in good energy combustion and thus, a smooth and powerful drive we all are looking for. In pair with the engine carburetion, it has a computer-controlled fully transistorized ignition. Another plus is its transmission: an Automatic V-matic belt drive, which eliminates the hassles of shifting gears.

The Driving Experience

2010 Honda Silver Wing can accelerate up to 90 mph, given its engine characteristic, which is a good thing. For one, it could be used in the freeway as it can keep up with the pace of other vehicles on the road, and another thing is that it can sustain long-distance travels.

Still about long journeys, its fuel capacity is 4.2 gallon, and included to that is a 0.9 gallon reserve. Assessing its capacity, it has a fairly large fuel capacity, so you can save more time in your travels for not stopping by every gasoline station you see just for a gas refill.

Two innovations are in its braking system: the Combined Braking System (CBS) and the Anti-lock braking System (ABS). 2010 Honda Silver wing, having a three-piston front brake and a two-piston rear brake and along with the CBS, makes an efficient and strong braking force. Add up the ABS, it can now automatically adjust your braking controls to ease your difficulties.

The scooter comes with an automatic transmission and that is a thumbs up. You can drive this scooter smoothly and hassle-free as you want it to be. And as you travel, you won’t feel the strong breeze slapping your skin and making you feel like you’re gonna be thrown away, because this scoot has a body work and wind screen that will surely protect the driver and the passenger, and at the same time, lessen the wind noise that might be irritating to you.


Obviously, this is a large and heavy scooter. It may go as fast as you want it to be, but be prepared for the maneuvering, and surely, you will be having a hard time (or maybe just at first). another thing is its storage compartment. Though it may fit two helmets, two jackets and an extra clothing, the won’t be enough for long travels. Lastly, this is an expensive scooter,but others say that it is worth it looking at its quality and functionality. Well, for this case, it’s for you guys to decide, it’s your budget after all, and remember, money matters.