Kymco Scooters

Kymco scooters today are in the top ten most units sold of motor scooter makers. There is a high demand for these scooters, since they are very popular with young people. But those who ride the scooters probably know little about the company that makes the scooters, or the variety of models they offer. There may be more innovative designs as the company heads into the future, more enticing models for riders of all ages.

Kymco was founded in 1963, in Japan. Their scooters became popular quickly, and they were soon the leading scooter manufacturer in Taiwan. They also began exporting the vehicles to over seventy countries around the world. These scooters became huge hits in the United States, and the qualities unique to these models made Kymco a legend in their industrial field. Their scooters are so popular, because they are durable and of a high quality.

Kymco also produces original equipment parts for scooters. In this way, they have quality control over the products they make. This includes everything from scooters to tires, batteries, and all the other parts of the unit. The company is self-sufficient, and they consistently provide quality scooters and parts.

The scooters made by Kymco come in various styles and models, and they will fit the needs of most any rider. For city travelers, the 49cc stroke models work very well. The 150cc model can reach 60 miles per hour, and the 250cc is made for people who want a bigger bike, with more acceleration and speed. For people of a larger body frame, the Kymco Xciting 500 is the bike to choose. When reviewing this bike, the riders found this Kymco scooters model had great acceleration and a smooth ride.

When you compare scooters by Kymco with those made by other companies, you’ll find that their seats are positioned higher, to make the ride more easy on your back. The Xciting 500 has good fuel economy and still maintains its comfortable ride and power in acceleration.

Even though Kymco originally planned to make parts for Honda, they have evolved into the fifth largest maker of scooters in the world. They make nearly 500,000 vehicles a year. They also make the engines for BMW’s G450 X enduro bike. Their product line in the United States offers fifteen scooter models, nine ATV’s and their Venox 250, named one of the best cruisers for starter purposes in the United States market.

The sales of scooters in the United States are run through Kymco USA, which has its headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The company serves more than six hundred dealerships in the United States, offering various models of the scooters made for the U.S. market. In a recent survey by the authors of Consumer Reports, Kymco’s Agility 125 scooter was ranked first, along with Vespa’s LX150, for the best choices in the 1500cc sized scooters.

The Kymco Like is also a popular model in their product line. It boasts a 49cc air-cooled, two-stroke engine, and its smaller-sized twelve inch wheels show off Kenda tires. This scooter is user friendly and handles traffic downtown as easily as it makes low-speed turns. The Like is one of the longest Kymco scooters in the 50cc class, and although it’s not light in weight, it carries a burly man with ease.