Motor Scooter Insurance – A Few Things to Remember When Buying

Now that you drive a scooter, it is mandatory by law to have scooter insurance, but that should not be the only reason you decide to have an insurance policy. You have to understand the importance of insurance in our lives. Insurance gives a sense of security. Ask someone whose uninsured vehicle has been damaged. That person will tell you how much it costs to get your automobile back in shape. If you say you are a very cautious driver and insurance policy is a waste for you; you are absolutely wrong. You may be a safe driver but you are not the only driver on road. You may be involved in an accident even if it’s not your fault. Driving a scooter has many obvious advantages but we cannot deny the risk factor associated with it. In such cases scooter insurance will prove highly favorable. Insurance covers available today not only protect you during accidents but also in case of theft, vandalism etc. I hope that I have convinced you on the worth of insurance policies. Now read on to know about some useful tips when you are buying scooter insurance.

Insurance companies offer various insurance policies for securing your motor scooter. Comprehensive insurance, liability insurance, theft insurance, roadside assistance, custom accessories insurance, uninsured motor insurance, medical coverage and a few more. Gain knowledge about all these options and what they cover. After getting a full detail on these policies, choose the one that suits you the most. Please don’t go for the policy which is cheap and provides negligible coverage. Remember, you are buying insurance not just because your government wants but for your own security. Choose the insurance company you want to buy insurance from with watchfulness. Go for a reputed company and not the one which offers amazing discounts. Many such companies are frauds.

A few reputed and trustworthy insurance companies are: State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, Mercury, GEICO, Foremost insurance and a few more. Study in detail about the past records of these companies in case of claims and their response, customer care service, agents and various offers. Ask family and friends to assure that you are buying scooter insurance from the right insurance company. Finally, after choosing the type of insurance policy you want and the company from which you want to buy it from; know about the discounts you can get.

Call the insurance agent of the company and clear all your uncertainties. Ask him which other assets does that company insures. Most companies offer discounts in case of multiple insurances. If you own more than one vehicle, get both of them insured from the same company to avail discounts. Your premium depends on which insurance cover you chose. More things covered in the insurance, more will be the premium. Premium also depends on your age and driving record. Insurance companies believe that younger drivers drive less safe. If you have a record of any accidents in the past, that may also affect your insurance cover’s rate. Built and company of your scooter also decides your premium. If the company is reputed and the built of your scooter is powerful, premium will be less than in case of a fragile model. In a nutshell, more safe the vehicle, lesser is the premium.

Choose a company which works online so that you can make payments and file complaints online without wasting time in going to their office.  A few companies provide better deals online rather than in their offices. Do a complete research before buying any policy.

Before purchasing any insurance policy think of the worst situation you can get into. If you drive on road, you will be involved in an accident once in your lifetime. Even the best drivers cannot deny this fact. You have to decide in such condition will you have enough financial aid to pay for your medical and vehicle damages. Even if you use best locks in the world, isn’t there a slight chance that your precious scooter can be stolen? Think of a situation when you are stuck in middle of nowhere due to some technical problem in your vehicle due to snow, mud or water. If your insurance covers roadside assistance and the company sends it’s people to help you, wont you thank your stars for choosing such a policy. Well, we all need insurance covers for life, car, scooter, health, home and other assets; just the requisite varies.