Motor scooters – Tips on Maintaining

Maintaining your motor scooter is a simple task to do. It is just like watching over your house, making sure that it stays clean and new. It maintains the quality of your engine, making it seem new where in fact it is years old. In addition, it also makes the battery life last for a couple more years. Maintenance is an easy thing to do. It just needs constant care and gentle usage. Here are some guidelines that you must follow in order to properly maintain your motor scooter:

Oil. Oil level is one of the important things to look at. Always check its level regularly, and then change oil often; a minimum of one thousand miles will suffice. It only takes about five minutes of your time and at about three dollars from your pocket. Thus, it is very cheap and it would not hurt your schedules, waiting for endless minutes.

Scooter transmission. Transmission should also be looked at a certain time. Every two-thousand miles of your scooter usage or for about six months, the transmission should be changed. You may check the owner’s manual for information.

Tire. Most important to look at tires is its pressure. Tire pressure must be evaluated regularly. Since your motor scooter is two-wheeled, you should really maintain the proper air pressure for the tires, or else, you may be off-balanced and accidents and injuries may happen. Check if there are blunts in your tires, this also affects the tire’s air pressure. The valve system of your tiles should not be taken for granted. Scan through the valve system and look for breaks on it.

Joints and hinges. Check if the motor is properly assembled. Loose joints and hinges may indicate that it is disassembled. This poses a risk for accidents when driving. Fix those loose joints and hinges first before hitting the road.

Bolts. Bolt tightness should also be checked from time to time. It us usually recommended to check it when your miles hit one-thousand or six months

Make some browsing of your manual to guide you on the maintenance of your scooter. They provide the guide specific to your scooter. Do not take them for granted.

In summary, oil levels and bolts should be changed when your miles hit one-thousand. Change transmission when it hit two-thousand miles. The tires, joints and hinges should be checked frequently.