Razor Scooters

Scooters have been used for many years, and razor scooters are the newest take on the trend. They have taken scooters to a new level, from their electric to their kick scooters. The inventive build and design of kick scooters have taken the model to unseen levels. Freestyle tricks and ramp riding are now more common, due in part to the kick scooters, since they have the ability of being folded to take along anywhere. Razor has several series of scooters, including Pro’s, Carvrs, Cruisers and Kiddie scooters.

A1 scooters are made for beginners to riding. It’s the most inexpensive scooter in the A series, and it was created for a young or beginning rider. As you become more experienced, you may graduate to the A2 and A3 scooters. Each one of these scooters will cost a bit more than the previous one, but the ride and the quality increase as well. If you’ve been riding scooters for awhile, you would probably want to start out on the A2 or A3 scooters.

After you have grown in ability beyond the A series, the Pro model is the next in line. This scooter is a heavy duty model, and was professionally designed and then built by the team at Razor. You can feel confident on the ramps on this scooter, and in doing some freestyle tricks that you might not want to attempt on a lower level scooter. Check out YouTube for some great scooter riding, and you can see from the videos that scooters are not just for kids who have never mastered the skateboard. Scooters are a sport all their own. You can invent new stunts, crazy tricks or use high speeds to show off on your scooter. This isn’t just a toy to ride on the sidewalk, since riding Razor scooters can be an extreme sport all its own.

If you love riding the sidewalks and hills, or cruising the side streets, you can find a razor for that, too. It’s called the Cruiser, and it is built for the purpose its name implies. It has a wider deck and also larger wheels, with a more comfortable and smoother ride. Cracks on the pavement or rocks in your path won’t matter to you, since the Cruiser will head right over them without a noticeable bump or bounce.  Rocks won’t cause your Cruiser to lose traction even at high speeds.

Razor’s Carvr model has two smaller wheels, and in place of the single back wheel, it has a truck. This makes it easy to balance, and to ride wherever you want to go. The large wheel in front is like that of the Cruiser, and it makes the ride quite smooth.

Kiddie scooters are pretty much what their name says, scooters made for kids. They are built on a smaller scale than the larger scooters, and they are crafted with children’s safety in mind. They are made from plastic, rather than metal, and they are the perfect Razor scooters for your young boys and girls to take their first rides on.