Register Your Motor Scooter

Owning a motor scooter is somewhat economical and environment-friendly. But just like owning a motorcycle, it is important to follow the proper steps of legality. Motor scooter laws vary from state to state, and that would mean that registration process may vary as well. In many states, registration is a requirement to legalize your motor scooter, whereas in some states, registration is not required. There are states that requires registration only at a certain engine size range, usually larger engines. These differences in laws and protocols create confusion on registrants. The wiser way to know about your state laws is to visit the Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) website. You could search “(state) DMV”. They provide the information about the laws and protocols of the specific state.

Once you are aware of the process, diligently fulfill each requirement. Oftentimes, you will be needing to declare your scooter’s engine size. This information can be found in the manual given to you upon purchase. As stated earlier, it is the basis whether they are needed to be registered or not. It is also the criteria they consider in approving an insurance.

After fulfilling their requirements, pass the documents to the place stated in the website. There will be an appointment for you a few days later. You will be receiving the paper of registration along with a plate number. Once you have this, then you are a bona fide motor scooter owner.

In states where registration is required, you really should register. There are some people who do not register to avoid the expenses at the DMV and registration process, but it’s not an okay thing. In some states, insurance are required or they base their insurance according to the registration. Moreover, if caught violating traffic rules, punishments are graver.