Scooter Insurance: Why You Must Have It?

I am sure you are thrilled that you have purchased a scooter. Driving a motor scooter can be loads of fun. It is much cheaper than a car. It runs on lesser fuel and is not that difficult to maintain. With a scooter there are fewer chances that you will be stuck in traffic. Scooter parking is much easier to locate rather than a car. Whether you want to go to work, go out with friends or with your date; scooter or a motor cycle adds a lot of excitement in your life. But scooter also augments the danger aspect of driving on road. In an accident, you are expected to get more hurt while driving a scooter. Obviously, driving out of harm’s way and trying not to get hurt or hurt someone else is the foremost important thing. But scooter insurance is also crucial as it provides a financial aid at the time of necessity. Following are the situations when your scooter insurance will be requisite:

  • Accident, when not your fault- accidents may take place whether it’s your mistake or not. Even when you try your best to drive safe and sound, due to someone else’s fault, accident may occur hurting you and damaging your scooter. In such cases your insurance will cover up your loss.
  • Accident, when your fault- In such cases, liability insurance of your scooter comes into play. It pays the damage done to others and their automobile.
  • Collisions- Collisions occur during accidents. Insurance covers damages in such cases.
  • Theft- In case of theft, you will be relieved that you have scooter insurance.
  • Technical trouble with the scooter.
  • Vandalism- out of vengeance if somebody damages your scooter, insurance will cover that up.

In some states it is an obligation to have scooter insurance but in a few states it’s not even essential to have a driver’s license for a scooter. If you live in a state where buying a scooter insurance is obligatory by law, don’t delay it. Based on above situations, insurance companies have various insurance plans. You have to make your mind carefully that which one will suit you the best. Following are the insurance plans that diverse insurance companies offer:

Extensive coverage:

Also known as comprehensive or full coverage. As accidents are not the only situation when you might need insurance, extensive insurance plan provides you coverage in case of collisions, liability, theft and vandalism. Even if your scooter catches fire somehow, it is covered under this insurance plan.

Accident coverage:

If you drive on road, no matter which vehicle, you are expected to be involved in an accident once in your lifetime. At that time, accident insurance will at least look out for the harm done to your scooter.

Routine accessories coverage:

When you transform your scooter by adding some accessories like custom paints or a sidecar, that were not included in the original design by the company, you can get them insured. In case of any misfortune, insurance company will take care of the damages done to these accessories.

Liability coverage:

Regrettably, if you injure someone and their vehicle, liability insurance will pay their bills. Several companies even provide lawyers in case of a legal activity. This insurance is mandatory in a few countries.

Roadside assistance:

Probably you’re left high and dry as your scooter has a lifeless battery, flat tire or unfilled gas tank. Perchance your scooter is immobilized due to particular kind of mechanical collapse or you are caught in the muck, snow or water. It’s not important how you got into this situation; you could do with a broad insurance plan that embraces powerful scooter roadside assistance coverage. You ought to have a lift to the adjacent repair facility, coverage for any work that is needed in that situation.

Robbery insurance:

I am sure you use the best locks and you park your scooter at a protected place but there is a chance that a thief might get victorious at stealing your favorite scooter. In that situation, a robbery insurance plan will do wonders for you. You will get money for a new scooter.

Uninsured motorist:

In case you are involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle, this insurance will cover the damages done to you and your vehicle.

Most insurance companies will provide all these insurance plans, maybe with some modification. You should choose a plan sensibly that will give you a feeling of security when you step out on your darling scooter.