Aprilia Scarabeo 500 Scooter Review

Aprilia is a name synonymous with perfection, technology and Trust. Aprilia keeps on adding new models to its scooter range according to the changing needs of clients and time. Each time Aprilia comes up with a new scooter, all eyes linger apprehensively, because it keeps on getting better and better. Aprilia thought of transforming personality of a motorcycle into a lightweight scooter which will be exciting to drive, comfy as well as safe and sound. For that reason, when Scarabeo 500 was introduced, it was an instant winner. It has grown to be a fashion idol over the years due to it’s just the right blend of standard and contemporary qualities.

Scarabeo 500 design

Company assures that if you take one fleeting look at Scarabeo amongst other scooters in the market, you will unquestionably go with Scarabeo. It is a wonderful combination of traditional and modern finish which makes it undeniable. But again, like all other Aprilia scooters, it’s not just about the looks. Scarabeo 500 is built with hottest expertise and equipment to make available protection and speed. It is equipped with a modifiable windshield. Storage space beneath the seat is largest amongst other scooters. Even if you want to take a short drive or a long trip, Scarabeo is a great choice for both. It has all the technology as in motorcycle but much easier to ride due to lightweight. The sleek design of Scarabeo makes it stand apart in the multitude.

Scarabeo 500 is compact when compared to a motorbike. You can go through the traffic quite easily. With a Scarabeo, days of frustration while standing in traffic, are long gone. Scarabeo makes your life easier without compromising on style and technology. Copious space for you and person along for the ride guarantees an elevated level of ease even on extended rides. Seat height is only 780 mm, and the podium is limited underneath the rider’s legs to facilitate touching of feet steadily on the ground. As you would anticipate from Aprilia, an incredible quantity of struggle has been put into accuracy of even very small aspects. Therefore, Aprilia brags of an unconquerable worth to value quotient.

Engine design of Scarabeo 500

Engine is of 500 cc. It has a single cylinder, four stroke energy plant and liquid cooling mechanism.  Scarabeo 500 has an utmost power of 29 kW at 7500 rpm and a highest torque of 43 Nm at 5500 rpm. Therefore, Scarabeo 500 promises indomitable performance which is correspondent to plentiful multi-cylinder motorbikes. As a matter of fact, remarkable strength along with exceptionally light weight bequeaths the Scarabeo 500 with one of the finest power to weight quotient in the market. Engine is in competence with Euro 3 Standards and thus environmental protection from pollution. A highly developed electronic fuel injection structure allows less burning up of fuel. It releases smooth power continuously, escalating comfort and providing a sense of contentment while driving. The engine is also equipped with a vibrant balancing bar to trim down vibrations even further. Low consumption of fuel and large tank capacity make Scarabeo appropriate for long trips.

The structure and suspension are intended to let you formulate complete utilization of the munificent functioning of the 500 cc engine. The most important intention of the Aprilia design squad all through the Scarabeo 500 project was to attain highest comfort with utmost contentment for the rider. Their hard work resulted in a scooter with big-bike load allocation, proficient in astounding quickness and high velocity stability for which every Aprilia scooters are well-known. Scarabeo 500 is a genuine enjoyment to ride, not just for the reason that it is an incomparable style symbol, its hi-tech machinery gives a delight to the rider even when he is driving just from home to work. The extremely firm and competent framework makes certain that Scarabeo 500 stays absolutely steady even at high pace. Hefty diameter wheels with tubeless motorbike tires offer outstanding comfort and power in addition to impeccable road holding. The broad shaped tires also support the suspension in engrossing the unevenness of bumpy road surface along with ensuring extremely safe braking system. And effective brakes are undeniably one of the persuasive points of Scarabeo 500. The fundamental braking system is constantly controlling, protected and unproblematic to manage, no matter what the road circumstances.

Therefore free your mind of all the queries regarding Scarabeo 500. It is ultra modern and stylish to look at, built from latest technology and tools and above all, you can trust the name Aprilia.