A List of Popular Scooter Insurance Companies

Assorted scooter insurance companies swear to provide you with best insurance cover to secure the future of your dearest scooter. A few universal insurance covers that majority of the insurance companies offer are:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

A few others also offer:

  • Road assistance coverage
  • Medical coverage
  • Custom accessories coverage

First step is to decide which coverage suits you the most. Call an insurance agent to know about them in detail and enquire about the premium value of each. Then choose the coverage that suits your pocket the most. Another decisive step is to buy your insurance plan from a reputed as well as genuine company. This guide will help you get to know about a few prevalent companies. So read vigilantly to enlighten yourself with the information of diverse scooter insurance companies which are as follows:

Allstate Insurance Company:

Allstate is one of the major Insurance agencies in the USA, having its ventures in 49 states. Allstate has been imparting vehicle insurance to more than 17 million family units in the United States. Allstate provides insurance in thirteen varied lines like auto, house, life, business and others. To know more about Allstate log in to their website or call their Insurance agent.


GEICO came into existence in 1936 due to efforts of Leo Goodwin. GEICO insurance was in the beginning developed to be intended for armed forces and government personnel. Leo Goodwin commenced his insurance company with the conviction that he could propose automobile insurance at lesser rates by advertising his company directly to primary consumer groups.  GEICO provides Insurance in case of cars, scooters, home, business, apartment and others.


Progressive is the third largest insurance company in United States with more than 12 million clients. Progressive provides insurance over wide-ranging assets including home, car, motorcycle, scooter and others. This company assists you in all your problems through incredible team of customer care executives.  Progressive has endlessly preferred to remain a step ahead of rivalry, by proposing the commodities clients require at the time when they need it the most. This approach of Progressive has lent a hand in its standing as the leading automobile insurance corporation of the USA.

Safeco Insurance Corporation:

Safeco emerged as an Insurance company in 1923. Safeco works through its widespread network of hard working agents. If you want to enquire about their products and services, call an Insurance agent and clear all your queries. There are many positive reviews of this company.


Esurance is a company which aims at direct contact with the clientele. It came into subsistence in the year 1999. Its foremost dictum is to put up an enhancement in the automobile with which populace purchases and deals with their vehicle insurances. The most important motive of the business was to present trustworthy auto insurance, with a great quality purchaser assistance, by presenting the capability of outstanding claim handling and furthermore lesser automobile insurance prices. There are 22 states, in which Esurance functions: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Mercury Insurance Corporation:

Mercury Insurance works to supply low priced insurance services to all its clients, families as well as production houses. There are diverse characteristics that have given a stand to Mercury Insurance which is to a certain extent distinct from others, such as the lesser prices. There are also numerous quick facilities accessible. The company has an exclusive worth of might and assistance that distinguishes it from its competition.

State Farm Insurance:

State Farm is preferred on the basis of variety of grounds. This company has more than 17000 well aware agents which provide uninterrupted consumer service, a greatly rated client account administration, in vogue advantages such as the iPhone State Farm application and a reliable temperament for buyer concern. There are 40 million policy holders of this company for whom company has to provide high level of assistance. Due to its rapid customer care support, company has gained the trust of its clients and they feel secure and confident when filing a claim in case of any misfortune.

Nationwide Insurance Company:

Nationwide is one of the best insurance providers in United States of America. They provide insurance coverage for cars, scooters, motorcycle, life and a few more.

Among these diverse Insurance companies, you have to choose one that you can trust to feel secure when you drive on your scooter. Think thoroughly, ask family and friends and decide which company provides you the best deal and assistance.

Motor Scooter Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

Due to increase in sale and popularity of scooters, awareness for scooter insurance among buyers is increasing. No doubt driving a scooter is a lot of fun and it has many added benefits but risk factor also increases when one is driving a scooter. Sometimes buyers have many queries that can only be solved by a lot of research. To save your time, here is a list of diverse recurrently asked questions regarding scooter insurance.

Queries regarding purchase of scooter insurance policy:

Why do I need an insurance policy?

It’s good that you drive safe and sound. But having insurance for your vehicle is in most states mandatory by law. More than that, insurance policy provides you safety and financial aid at the time of any accident or any misfortune like theft.

Why do most agents suggest comprehensive coverage?

Well, no doubt the price of a comprehensive coverage is quite a lot and insurance companies make a lot of money out of it; but the security factor is also wide in case of comprehensive coverage. It covers collision, accidents, fire, theft, vandalism, medical coverage and in a few cases roadside assistance as well. If you can afford it, go for it.

I just have liability insurance. Will I get any benefit at the time of accident?

If during an accident you hurt someone or their assets, insurance company will pay for that. But if you or your scooter gets damaged, there will be no benefits for you.

How can I augment the benefits of liability insurance without significant increase in premium?

If you don’t want a comprehensive cover but still want to increase the security, you can buy a liability, fire and theft insurance. It gives you the benefits of liability and coverage in case of fire as well as theft.

Can I get instantaneous cover?

Yes. As soon as you make the payment, you can get the cover. If you have a debit or credit card, you can pay on the spot.

Do I get cover on security material?

Helmets, sun glasses, gloves and any other attire intended to lessen damage are considered security wear. Purchasing these security apparatus items can tote up swiftly and a first-class rule will offer some sort of security for them.

How to choose scooter insurance company?

This can be complicated. There are numerous companies in market which will promise to give you the best deal, but you have to do a lot of investigation before finally choosing a company. Ask the people you know who have availed insurance. Ask how their company responds to their qualms. Check history of a few famous corporations and then choose wisely. Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, GEICO and mercury are some well-known names in insurance market.

What discounts are available?

Various companies provide discounts to lure clients. You have to act really smart in front of the agent to avail maximum discount. Most companies offer multi-policy discounts. If you own more than one vehicle, get them insured from the same insurance company to gain utmost discounts. Most companies offer extra discounts if you make an online deal rather than going to their office.

Is towing and roadside assistance available under insurance cover?

Elective Towing and Roadside Assistance coverage is of great use in case your scooter fails to start. This is a remarkable service to put in to your policy. If the fuel in scooter finishes, tire gets flat or any other motorized problems arise at a remote place, you will be grateful you can phone up someone for to be of assistance.

What should be done at the occurrence of an accident?

If you are conscious of any accident or damage concerning your scooter by you or someone else, you must give an account of the occurrence as soon as feasible. It is essential to record that all accidents, robberies, and spiteful harm episodes should be reported, even if you have decided not to make a declaration.

Does the insurance company pay for the full damage?

It depends on the coverage you have chosen. Even in most extensive coverage you have to pay at least a little amount, rest is paid by the company.

These are a few questions which come into mind of each individual who is looking forward to buy insurance policy for scooter. Choosing the right policy and right company is extremely crucial. Do a lot of research and call insurance agent of the company to ask more in detail. Clear all your worries buy scooter insurance policy and drive on road with a sense of self-assurance.

Scooter Insurance: Why You Must Have It?

I am sure you are thrilled that you have purchased a scooter. Driving a motor scooter can be loads of fun. It is much cheaper than a car. It runs on lesser fuel and is not that difficult to maintain. With a scooter there are fewer chances that you will be stuck in traffic. Scooter parking is much easier to locate rather than a car. Whether you want to go to work, go out with friends or with your date; scooter or a motor cycle adds a lot of excitement in your life. But scooter also augments the danger aspect of driving on road. In an accident, you are expected to get more hurt while driving a scooter. Obviously, driving out of harm’s way and trying not to get hurt or hurt someone else is the foremost important thing. But scooter insurance is also crucial as it provides a financial aid at the time of necessity. Following are the situations when your scooter insurance will be requisite:

  • Accident, when not your fault- accidents may take place whether it’s your mistake or not. Even when you try your best to drive safe and sound, due to someone else’s fault, accident may occur hurting you and damaging your scooter. In such cases your insurance will cover up your loss.
  • Accident, when your fault- In such cases, liability insurance of your scooter comes into play. It pays the damage done to others and their automobile.
  • Collisions- Collisions occur during accidents. Insurance covers damages in such cases.
  • Theft- In case of theft, you will be relieved that you have scooter insurance.
  • Technical trouble with the scooter.
  • Vandalism- out of vengeance if somebody damages your scooter, insurance will cover that up.

In some states it is an obligation to have scooter insurance but in a few states it’s not even essential to have a driver’s license for a scooter. If you live in a state where buying a scooter insurance is obligatory by law, don’t delay it. Based on above situations, insurance companies have various insurance plans. You have to make your mind carefully that which one will suit you the best. Following are the insurance plans that diverse insurance companies offer:

Extensive coverage:

Also known as comprehensive or full coverage. As accidents are not the only situation when you might need insurance, extensive insurance plan provides you coverage in case of collisions, liability, theft and vandalism. Even if your scooter catches fire somehow, it is covered under this insurance plan.

Accident coverage:

If you drive on road, no matter which vehicle, you are expected to be involved in an accident once in your lifetime. At that time, accident insurance will at least look out for the harm done to your scooter.

Routine accessories coverage:

When you transform your scooter by adding some accessories like custom paints or a sidecar, that were not included in the original design by the company, you can get them insured. In case of any misfortune, insurance company will take care of the damages done to these accessories.

Liability coverage:

Regrettably, if you injure someone and their vehicle, liability insurance will pay their bills. Several companies even provide lawyers in case of a legal activity. This insurance is mandatory in a few countries.

Roadside assistance:

Probably you’re left high and dry as your scooter has a lifeless battery, flat tire or unfilled gas tank. Perchance your scooter is immobilized due to particular kind of mechanical collapse or you are caught in the muck, snow or water. It’s not important how you got into this situation; you could do with a broad insurance plan that embraces powerful scooter roadside assistance coverage. You ought to have a lift to the adjacent repair facility, coverage for any work that is needed in that situation.

Robbery insurance:

I am sure you use the best locks and you park your scooter at a protected place but there is a chance that a thief might get victorious at stealing your favorite scooter. In that situation, a robbery insurance plan will do wonders for you. You will get money for a new scooter.

Uninsured motorist:

In case you are involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle, this insurance will cover the damages done to you and your vehicle.

Most insurance companies will provide all these insurance plans, maybe with some modification. You should choose a plan sensibly that will give you a feeling of security when you step out on your darling scooter.

Types of Scooter Insurance Covers

If you are looking for types of insurance covers or policies available in market, then this guide will surely help you a lot. Scooters are becoming popular these days as they are easy on the pocket and inexpensive to run due to less intake of fuel. Motor scooters are all in rage among the students as there are less chances of getting stuck in the traffic if you are on a scooter. With a scooter, it is much effortless to find a parking place. So go for it if it suits your lifestyle and your pocket. It’s a good thing you are looking for various insurance policies. Getting your scooter insured is a sensible decision. Because if you drive on road, probability says that you will be in an accident once in your lifetime.  At the time of any hardship, insurance policy you picked out is a big assistance. Below is thorough information on diverse insurance covers you can choose from:

Comprehensive coverage:

Totally inclusive scooter insurance will generally be high-priced than other insurance policies. But, as its name suggests, it will give you much enhanced fortification from the monetary outcomes of any misfortunes. With entirely comprehensive insurance you will be sheltered for any mutilation you do to others, in addition to their vehicles plus further assets, as in case of liability insurance. Surely enough you will also be able to claim if your scooter is stolen, or smashed by fire. But you and your scooter will also be covered in the episode of a collision which occurred due to your mistake or in which nobody could be held responsible for. There are, on the other hand, in spite of everything abundant situations in which you may not be covered, even with a supposed wholly all-inclusive policy, but those are sporadic.  But this one is the most wide-ranging policy you can get. Some companies also make available legal help in case of a legal suit against you in case of accidents.

Liability coverage:

This coverage is mandatory in most of the states. Under this policy, you can claim for the damages you have done to others and their vehicles during any accident. But your damages are not insured. This type of insurance is also called third-party insurance. So if you are buying a scooter which is easy to replace, go for liability insurance.

Roadside aid:

In case you are stuck in middle of nowhere due to some technical problem in your scooter, need not worry if you have an insurance policy which covers roadside assistance. Sometimes your scooter may refuse to go any further due to mud, water or snow trouble. In such situations, you can confidently call your insurance company to help you if you have this policy. Policy also pays for any damages occurred to your scooter in such situations.

Medical coverage:

If you opt for a policy with medical coverage, your expenses are taken care of during a misfortune. Policy also covers medical bills of someone you have hurt during the accident or a collision. It’s advisable to choose an insurance policy with medical coverage. You can also just add this policy to your liability policy.

Custom parts insurance:

If you are the kind of person who likes to modify appearance of your vehicle by adding some parts and equipments, this insurance will be of great help. You can insure all the extra parts you add to the original design of the scooter. In case of any accidents, insurance company pays for the impairment done to these parts.

Theft insurance:

I am sure you use the most excellent locks and you park your scooter at a confined place but there is a likelihood that a crook might get successful at stealing your darling scooter. In that situation, a robbery insurance plan will do wonders for you. You will get money for a new scooter. You can also increment your liability insurance by adding theft insurance to it.

Uninsured motorist coverage:

In circumstances in which you are involved in a mishap with an uninsured motor vehicle, this insurance will compensate the injuries done to you and your scooter.  If you have this insurance, your damages are paid by the insurance company even if you are the pedestrian in such circumstance.

Well, these are the various insurance policies that the majority of the companies propose with more or less same benefits. Choose a policy that suits you and your scooter the most. At times, it’s confusing to pick out a policy among these various options hence, under these circumstances you can consult an insurance agent. He will explain you the benefits of each policy and will give you an estimate of the premium in case of each policy.

Scooter Insurance – How to get one

More and more people choose scooters over motorcycles for safety purposes. Contrary to this, scooter accidents are becoming adamant. Even if we take extra safety measures, we will never know what accidents will hit us. This fact makes the scooter insurance a necessity. In times of accidents or theft, having scooter insurance may alleviate your problems financially.

Due to variations in scooter types, acquiring insurance has become more specific. People who opt to drive a gas-powered scooter would get different scooter insurance than those who chose electric scooters. Also, be wary of the differences in state policies regarding scooters. These differences make obtaining scooter insurance confusing and time-consuming. Before you apply, study your state policies and your application process will run relatively smooth. Moreover, you will be assured that your scooter insurance is in compliance with your state policy.

There are some important points to look at when canvassing for scooter insurance. The usual thing that people check is the coverage of the insurance. To what extent will they cover in cases of accidents and theft? What are their parameters? And many more questions. After looking that up, check for other details that you are looking for in insurance. Make sure you get an insurance that will satisfy your standards and at a reasonable price.

Of course, as we are looking for the best scooter insurance, scooter insurance companies are also seeking for the best clients. As always, there are requirements for you to fulfill in order to apply for insurance. These things are often checked when applying: the model of the scooter, its power plant size, parking space, and the driving record of the applicant. This information will be the basis of the price they will offer for the coverage of your insurance.

The best way to have the best insurance for your scooter is to research and canvass quotations. Large national insurance companies often give good prices for scooter insurance. Look for a professional insurance agent or a broker to help you throughout the process and obtain a comprehensive insurance at a reasonable price.