The Three Wheel Piaggio MP3

Piaggio Mp3 Motor Scooter
In a revolutionary move, Piaggio is releasing the MP3 motor scooter with two front wheels. According to Fullboost, the Piaggio MP3 provides better safety, road grip and stability levels than a two wheel scooter, also better braking. Especially in bad driving conditions such as rain and gravel roads. An electro-hydraulic tilt-locking system means no kick stand. And the system will operate at any angle so you don’t need to find a level parking area.

According to Piaggio’s Brand Manager Simon Gloyne, “Not since Enrico Piaggio introduced Vespa to the world in 1946 have we seen such a revolution in transport for individual mobility.”

The Piaggio MP3 will be available in two engine displacements, 250 and 400 cc.

2008 Yamaha Vino Classic

Yamaha Vino Classic 2008
The 2008 Yamaha Vino Classic looks just as cool as ever. Again, combining Euro styling with the Yamaha technology, this baby is quite the attention getter. From the Yamaha website: It has a  Four-stroke engine to provide for more power and fewer emissions, electric starting with kickstart option, fully automatic V-belt transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation, high-energy ignition system for precise, high-voltage spark for seamless engine performance and reliability and automatic choke which makes cold starting easier.

I also like the Underseat storage compartment for a helmet and the rear rack for  schoolbooks or groceries. Starting at $1,949.

Peugot’s New Scooter

Peugeot C Tech Scooter
Talk about a nice looking scooter. It’s slick and cool looking, and it’s liquid cooled 2-stroke motor gives it some impressive power. Peugeot’s New C-Tech R-Cup Scooter has 13” alloy wheels with Pirelli tires and a 226mm ‘wavy’ disc at the front, backed up by a 190mm disc at the rear, for ultimate stopping power.

Man I’d like to take this machine out on some nice winding country roads around my home.

Scootering to Save Gas

According to the commuters in Asheville, NC are using bike, public transportation and scooters to save gas. Residents are seeing more scooters on the road. And sales at Swannanoa Scooter Sales have changed “definitely for the better” in the past couple of years. A manager said “As long as gas prices stay the same, we’re definitely doing good,” he said.



According to Vespa, if Americans were to utilize one of the latest eco-friendly Vespa motor scooters, for 10% of everyday travel, national fuel consumption would be cut by 14 million gallons of gas a day. Hey, and they are fun to drive too! Much more fun than a mini-van. That’s their basis of Vespanomics.

Now you can submit a video about Vespanomics and win a Vespa GTS. Check out the below video. Something tells me this dude is gonna win.

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