The Three Wheel Piaggio MP3

Piaggio Mp3 Motor Scooter
In a revolutionary move, Piaggio is releasing the MP3 motor scooter with two front wheels. According to Fullboost, the Piaggio MP3 provides better safety, road grip and stability levels than a two wheel scooter, also better braking. Especially in bad driving conditions such as rain and gravel roads. An electro-hydraulic tilt-locking system means no kick stand. And the system will operate at any angle so you don’t need to find a level parking area.

According to Piaggio’s Brand Manager Simon Gloyne, “Not since Enrico Piaggio introduced Vespa to the world in 1946 have we seen such a revolution in transport for individual mobility.”

The Piaggio MP3 will be available in two engine displacements, 250 and 400 cc.