Tomos Mopeds

Tomos has been long in the market in producing two- wheel and four- wheel drives. Tomos mopeds is one of the reputed two wheel drive scooter brand in the vehicle industry. One advantage of having Tomos Moped is that renovations are usually simple and cheap.

The first model of Tomos is the TOMOS Punch SG 250. Since then, more productions had been made coupled with the manufacturer’s concentration in making more enhancements. Colibri is the name of various model of moped Punch MS 50. So, to make distinctions, the first Calibris were marked from 01 to 013. The individual variants were then adapted to foreign markets. In 1959, the first set of 17, 000 Colibris were signed for the first major exports. Since then, the Tomos mopeds have been in demand in the market especially when the volume of patents and prototypes increased. .

The most popular and successful type of Tomos mopeds is the Colibri type 12. The use of Tomos mopeds also increased when the price of gas hiked. For young people, Tomos moped is a sign of coolness. From the start of Tomos mopeds, the demand increased to suit different needs and from the looks of it, it really proves to be successful.

The transportation needs today is answered by Tomos moped and its kind. Tomos continues to meet and exceed the standards of EPA to satisfy customers. Whether it is for making savings or for the sleek style that adds to the driver’s hip, Tomos mopeds could be all that.