Top 3 Electric Scooters in Today’s Environmentally Friendly Market

Electric scooters are fast outrunning the motor scooter market. They don’t pollute the environment like the traditional motor scooters and they are also more silent and faster than before. Many companies have been working for years to come up with vehicles that will not only be pollution free but also economical and affordable to the common man. Let’s take a look at the top three electric motor scooters in today’s market

  • Vectrix VX 1

Vectrix was started in the year 1996 with a clear vision of providing clean pollution free, affordable and dependable mode of transportation within the city. All the engineers at Vectrix worked very hard for more than a decade with this sole aim in their minds. The recently released Vectrix VX 1, a zero emission vehicle, is the fruit of their dedicated work to help save the environment.

The VX – 1 was released in 2008 and a modified and better version of the same model was released in early 2009 as well. This silent beauty has a max speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). It goes from 0 to 80 km/h (0 to 50 mph) in 6.8 seconds. It comes in four exciting colors and also has an entire new line of accessories.

The most important thing you want to know is how much does it cost on a daily basis to ride this electric bike, just a penny a mile. With the oil prices set to sky rocket, gasoline is something you won’t have to think about anymore. All you need to do is charge your bike by plugging it into a standard 110/220 V outlet and you are all set to zoom; the average range on a single charge is 50 to 85 km (30-55 miles).
This Vectrix VX-1 model costs $ 10,495.

  • Zapino by Zap

The company name ZAP is an acronym for Zero Air Pollution and their aim is to help sustain the environment by providing pollution free vehicles.

ZAP released Zapino in the year 2008 and since then it has been the most attractive electric scooter in the market. This economical and stylish model allows you to maneuver around the city’ congested traffic at a maximum speed of 50 km/h (30 mph). Once fully charged its average range is up to 50 km (30 miles).

The Zapino model costs $ 3,495.

  • Volt Electric Scooter

Zero Emission motors latest launch, the Volt electric scooter has hit the market this year. The company’s aim was to provide environment friendly vehicles at affordable prices.

This cost-effective 1500 watt electric vehicle can move you around the city at 80 km/h (50 mph) for a distance of up to 50 km (30 miles) on a single charge.  The wheels have tubeless tires and it provides a lot of storage space with space under the seat and a luggage rack on top. All the parts on the vehicle have a 90 day warranty.

The Volt Electric scooter is available in three color combinations, red and silver, black and silver and blue and silver.
This model by Zero Emissions Motors costs $ 1,759.