Top 5 motor scooter blogs

If you’re one of those people who are looking for economical ways of transportation, then be one of those people who have tried the power of motor scooter. This vehicle type is the outcome of redesigning, tweaking, and retooling. It can run around 40mph and does not required pedals. Motor scooter is an ideal mode of transportation these days due to the high fuel costs. Besides, there are many of them available on the market. One good brand to be considered is the Vespa motor scooter.

If you’re opting to buy this kind of vehicle, it is good to know more about scooters first so that you can easily determine the right type that suits your needs. Here are some helpful sites to start your scooter-haunting. These sites feature scooter news, scoops, odd events, good finds and basics. Reading them will actually help you enhance your knowledge about this wonder vehicle and know why it is considered as an ideal ride during these times of head aching economic and financial crisis.


  • The Scooter Scoop – scooter reviews, commentaries, micro-car news and other wheeled oddities events are the buzz in this site. You’ll get an inside scoop about the latest and even odd news about wheeled vehicles and that includes motor scooters.


  • The Cheap Scooter Blog – Find cheap motor scooters faster and easier. You’ll get to know more about them by exploring this site. If you’re a solid hard thriftier then you must check out this


  • Burgman Riders – Scooter enthusiasts can gather in this great site.  The forums in here are full of interesting facts and ideas that can help to enhance your knowledge in the hobby that you are enjoying right now.


  • Motor Sooter Guide – Looking for the right scooter can be difficult if you don’t know the standards to follow. If you think you need to know some tips and guides about scooter don’t hesitate visiting this site. This is hundred percent interesting for scooter aficionados like you.
  • Sctrcst – If you are looking for tips and maintenance guide to keep your scooter in top notch condition, well, this is the site that you have been looking for. Some simple techniques and strategies are revealed in this site for you and for you and your scooter’s benefit.