Used Motor Scooters

With gas prices going up and down so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of them, many people are concerned about their fuel bills, and some will buy used motor scooters to get around locally. In addition, they may be concerned about the effects that we cause on the environment from burning fossil fuels. For whichever reason, lots of people are buying scooters, and finding them to be entertaining and fun, in addition to saving fuel.

Research the models and makes on the market before you buy a scooter. You can find quite a range of scooters, from those that are expensive even used, to those that are cheap, even new. The cheap models may also be made more cheaply, which is why so many shoppers look for mid-range models that are used. You’ll save money when you buy used, of course, but there won’t be as many models to choose from. Find out what kind of scooter you really want, and make a list of others that you would settle for.

Check sales ads locally in the free ad papers and classifieds, and be sure to see what Craigslist has available in your area. Lots of people put scooters on there if they don’t need them anymore, or if perhaps they are moving in the near future. Scooters sell well, so don’t be afraid to make an offer if you find one you like. You can check ebay, too. It’s expensive to ship a scooter, but you may find local sellers there.

While you’re online, check at the prices that used motor scooters are fetching, according to their model and how many miles they have on them. Then recheck your budget, to determine how much you can spend. What size of engine would you be happy with, and what size wheels? You may need to check insurance and licensing fees in your state, so look these up online, too. If you’re not sure where to find this information, check out a scooter forum – there are some of them online, and the people are usually happy to help a future scooter-rider.

Once you have your money ready, and you know the basic type of scooter you want, watch your local ads closely. Contact sellers as soon as you can after their ad appears. For your safety, it is best to meet unknown buyers and sellers in public areas, like restaurants and the like. This is for your protection.

When you test drive your potential purchase, make sure it starts easily. Check for rust, and loose fittings or parts. Check the tires and ask how many people it can comfortably carry. Find out what kind of fuel it needs, and whether you need to add oil or not. Is the bike fun to ride and easy to stop? Ask the seller for any additional information he or she can provide, to help you make up your mind.

Find out about the timing of the bike’s service, if any work has been done. Make sure there is a place close by that can make repairs, if you need work done. If you are sure that this is the bike you want, make an offer. You’ve checked online, so if the buyer is asking too much, offer a more reasonable price. If you really want it and they won’t come down, you might go ahead and purchase it, if all else looks OK. You’ll enjoy being in the company of other people who are having fun on used motor scooters.