Vespa Motor Scooters For Beginners

Vespa has been synonymous with motor scooters almost ever since the first vehicles of this type hit the road. There are numerous good reasons for this of course, and the excellence and care that the company puts into every aspect of their operations is only one of them. Ask any true blue owners of motor scooters and they will gladly tell you of the quality and precision that is the earmark of every Vespa motor scooter.

Vespa actually has its roots in the Piaggio company in Italy, which has a long and proud tradition of producing fine motor vehicles dating back almost 120 years. Founded in Genoa, Italy in 1884, Piaggio first made its mark in the field of luxury ship fittings. The company grew quickly from there, and was soon making a name for itself in the road transportation industry.

Today, Vespa produces more than 16 million motor scooters, and every single one that rolls off its production proudly carries on the respected Vespa tradition. It is safe to say that lovers of motor scooters will continue to see new and exciting innovations from the company well into the future. One thing is for certain–Vespa motor scooters will continue to be seen on the road for a good long time.