X-Treme Scooters

When brothers with innovative minds get together, they will often come up with as explosive a product as X-Treme scooters. Some call their vision a dream, some call it a hobby, but whatever you call it, they followed their passion to their extreme scooters designs.

The Lamberd brothers are easy to spot when they pull up in their stand-up scooters with their dirt bike engines. The brothers are also friendly, and eager to answer any questions people might have when they see them. They attended the Motorcycle Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats not long ago. It’s hard not to notice when someone tears down the raceway on a stand-up scooter.

The dream for XTreme scooters came about when Robin Lamberd rode one of his dirtbikes on sand dunes in California, and began to wonder if a scooter could do the same thing. The design was roughly sketched out, and then, long hours in the shop later, he discovered it could be done.

Many people may have thoughts like these, but very few every see them come to fruition. Lamberd’s idea for extreme scooters was captured on paper first, which led to the first fabrication processes. That process continues today, as they refine their original design.

When the general idea had been laid out, Robin brought in his younger brother Gary to help. They first needed a frame, and they utilized chromoly steel tubing to form the chassis skeleton. This chassis would have to accommodate a standing rider, and hold a drivetrain. This was not an easy task, but the designers of x treme scooters were not ones to give up. They came up with a manageable design.

After they had a proper frame for the drivetrain and a rider, a Honda motorcycle engine was installed. When Robin removed that engine from his much-loved Honda CR, he said it was difficult to do.

It was a logistical problem to use what was already a proven commodity and harness the power from the motorcycle to the scooter. They decided to mount the engine in the front, to allow more standing room on the footbed. In this way, the first of many X-Treme scooters was born.

The brothers Lamberd cannibalized other vehicles to fit out their scooter. The motor was from the Honda CR, and they also got the fork from the CR. To keep the engine cool, they used a 1986 Ninja 1000 radiator, and pulled the disc brakes from a 1980’s model Honda 200X three-wheeler. On sand, the brothers used ATV styled wheels, but at the Salt Flats, they used airplane tires instead.

The front brake, throttle and clutch are in familiar positions if you ride motorcycles, but the only foot-activated action is gear shifting. You can toggle the gears down or up with a foot tap on one of two pedals. The power from the engine is sent to the back wheel with a double-chain drive. And so it came to be. The vehicles that were once nothing more than dreams are now X-Treme scooters.