Yamaha’s Motor Scooter Launches in 2009

Yamaha’s two biggest launches this year have been the Yamaha Zuma 125 and the Yamaha TMAX. They have come up with some really innovative and new designs for both of these models. Let’s take a closer look at each of these models.

  • Yamaha Zuma 125

Yamaha’s new Zuma 125 cc motor scooter is out. This four stroke engine, fully automatic motor scooter comes with an electric push button starter. The Zuma has a classy look and is also extremely fuel efficient. Yamaha estimates that this vehicle will provide 88 mpg and the fuel tanks capacity is 1.5 gallons.

The Zuma is not only stylish but is also extremely tough. It is made with a powerful steel frame that comes with brush guards added on the handle bars. The sturdy 12 inch tires provide immense stability and add to the overall looks of the Zuma.

The 125 cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine surprises everyone with the amount of power it generates compared to its small size. Yamaha uses wet-sump lubrication which increases reliability and makes maintenance easier. Another nice addition to get rid of grimy oil filters is the centrifugal oil filter that has been built into the crankshaft.

Other key features of the Zuma are the two bright halogen headlights that light the roads during the night time. Additional security is provided by Yamaha on the Zuma by adding a keyhole lock cover on the main switch. The underseat compartment has a large capacity and can easily fit a helmet and other things.

This Yamaha scooter costs $ 2,999.

  • Yamaha TMAX

The Yamaha TMAX pushes the boundaries of scooters and almost looks like a scooter-motorbike fusion. It comes with high power performance engine along with comfort and luxury.

The TMAX is powered by a 499 cc parallel twin engine which sounds like a superbike’s engine. In addition to these potent twin engines it has 43 mm telescopic forks, dual clippers and four-piston front brakes that mean serious business and are one of the best disc brake systems in today’s market.

The scooter’s chassis is made with low weight aluminum to allow better control and it has two 15 inch wheels that provide immaculate stability while riding.

With the amount of power this Yamaha scooter will generate it is not surprising that it is not the most fuel efficient vehicle around. The TMAX is expected to run 47 miles per gallon. The tank capacity is 4 gallons. This allows the rider to 188 miles of non-stop pleasure riding on this scooter-bike hybrid.

The design allows ample space for storage in its two glove boxes and a big saddle, which discloses abundant under seat storage. The motorcycle resemblance comes from large headlights, full-size gauges and a tall windshield. This Yamaha TMAX model is available in four colors – extreme yellow, high tech silver, stealth metal and midnight black.

Overall, this model is way ahead of any of its competitors with its style, power and features that have been pioneered by Yamaha.

This Yamaha scooter costs $ 7,999.