Yamaha Vino Scooter Review

The trend in the motorcycle industry has come a long way from a simple machine operated bicycles to a gorgeous, sophisticated and mouth-watering designs available in the market today. Year after year, motorcycle companies such as Yamaha continuously develop new and innovative products that will surely give their customers the satisfaction they are looking for.

Year 2010 is a breakthrough for Yamaha where it launches various models of scooters and motorcycle having a remarkably unique designs ranging from small scoots to big bikes. As part of the latest portfolio, for this year, the 2010 Yamaha Vino showcases classic design and elegant finishing. This scoot is designed just for single person, however it is large enough to lift at most two passengers including the driver, having a measurement of (Length x Width x Height) 65.6 X 24.8 X 39.6 inches, by a 28.1 in seat height giving you stress-free and relaxed driving experience with a friend. It has a wheelbase of 45.7 in and a ground clearance of 3.3 in. Mileage is not a worry with its 1.2 gal fuel capacity with a fuel economy of 110mpg you’ll surely get to travel longer distances. The 4-stroke single 49cc liquid-cooled engine gives value to your money. It has a dependable electric starting and kick-start system so you won’t have to be upset anymore with the old-school engine starting capability. The fully automatic V-belt transmission gives you easy twist-and-go operation.

Being a classic retro style doesn’t mean that it’s technology sucks, in fact, this “straight from the movie” scoot meets modern Yamaha engineering giving you a worry-free and outstanding operation. If you often go shopping, its spacious locking storage compartment is perfect as well as for those backpackers. The under-seat storage can hold other items such as an extra helmet in case you find a friend on the road and decided to tag along with you. Tools and documents can also be stored in the compartment with the assurance that it won’t get wet even when the rain falls hard over it. The paint provides quality that will surely last for a long time. It may fade, but you only need to think about it in the next 5 years or so. The headlights look very old-fashioned yet elegant that best fit its classic over-all design and will surely make everyone jealous or head-turns. It usually comes with a 1-year limited factory warranty for your peace of mind.

Its cuteness does not end on the appearance alone, for as soon as you laid your hands on it and kick on the engine, you will surely experience an extreme satisfaction and worth for your money.